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Venezuela (second republic)

The Second Republic of Venezuela (Segunda Republica de Venezuela in Spanish) is the term used by historians for the reestablished Venezuelan Republic declared by Simon Bolivar on August 7, 1813. This declaration followed the defeat of Domingo Monteverde by Bolivar during the Admirable Campaign in the west and Santiago Marino in his campaign in the east. The republic came to an end in the following year, after a series of defeats at the hands of Jose Tomas Boves.

Use of the term in Venezuelan history

It is during this period that the term "Republic of Venezuela" is officially used by Simon Bolivar's government. During the First Republic, upon which Bolivar rested the legitimacy of his actions, the government referred to the Venezuelan state as either the "American Confederation of Venezuela" or the "United Provinces of Venezuela" in the Declaration of Independence (both terms are used interchangeably), or as the "United States of Venezuela" (a term used interchangeably with "the Confederation") in the Constitution of 1811.

Historians use the term Third Republic of Venezuela to refer to the period from about 1817 to 1819, when a rump government, organized by Bolivar began functioning in the Venezuelan Llanos. The year before, various Venezuelan guerilla forces managed to permanently established themselves in the Llanos and captured the city of Angostura, which became their headquarters. This period culminated with the formation of the Congress of Angostura, which wrote a new constitution for Venezuela, replacing the one from 1811, which in theory, was still valid, although suspended since the collapse of the First Republic in 1812. At the end of 1819 the Angostura Congress decreed the union of Venezuela with New Granada in a new Republic of Colombia, (Gran Colombia) bringing an end to the Third Republic.

After the dissolution of Gran Colombia, Venezuela became once again the Republic of Venezuela, and although undergoing various changes in constitutions and forms of government, Venezuela permanently maintained its independence from this moment on. This period is known as the Fourth Republic.

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