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Lando (music)


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Lando is an Afro-Peruvian form of music in the musica criolla genre. Its unique sound had been likened to the American blues genre.


Lando developed from a dance in Angola called londu that came with slaves when they arrived in Brazil. Even today, in Brazil, the Angolan influenced londo is played. Hence, the Lando is a mix of both Spanish and African rhythms. It features a slower tempo and call and response vocalization. The signature instrument of the Lando is the cajon, a box-like drum. This instrument was improvised by West Africans after they were taken to South America without instruments or other possessions.


The Lando is still a very popular musical style in Peru. Peruvian musician Eva Ayllon is one of its most popular performers along, with the band Peru Negro.

Rhythmic Structure

The basic rhythm of Lando is a two-bar figure, played on the cajon :

B . F . B B | . F B . F B ...or, alternatively: B . F . B B | . F . F . B

This pattern is closely related to a bell pattern found in many African-based rhythms :

L . H . H H | . H . H . H

However, another pattern for the hand bell is often favoured:

H H H . H H | H . H H H .

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