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Llapingacho is a famous dish in Ecuador.

Llapingacho's History

Llapingacho originated in Ecuadors Highlands. It is a fried, smashed potato mixed with cheese which is served with sausage and fried eggs. This plate forms part of Ecuadorian's culture, and is one of the representative icons of the Highlands food.

Llapingacho was later popular not only in Ecuador's Highland but also in the Ecuador's coast and eastern provinces. In this way, Llapingacho became a typical Ecuadorian plate enjoyed not only by its inhabitants, but also by people from abroad.


Below is a list of famous restaurants in Ecuador which serve Llapingachos:

Las Papitas (Guayaquil)Embassador of the dish to Guayaquil now in Washington DC.

La Mitad del Mundo

Pique y Pase

Restaurante La Choza

La chola cuencana restaurante

Comidas de Victor

All these restaurants are located in the main city of Ecuador called Guayaquil City, save for "La Mitad del Mundo" which is in Quito, the capital of Ecuador.


Common cultural knowledge.

Cocina del mundo

Ecuadorian Food

Las Papitas (Guayaquil)

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