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Guerrilla movements in Colombia

Guerrilla movements in Colombia refers to the origins, development and actions of guerrilla movements in the Republic of Colombia.

Guerrillas in Colombia have been formed by a body of fighters engaging in mobile asymmetric irregular warfare, also known as guerrilla warfare, usually in opposition to the Government of Colombia or any other established authority. The oldest and largest currently operational is the FARC-EP. Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias Colombiana

Spanish colonial control

Different guerrilla-style movements have appeared in Venezuela, Nigeria, Fiji, and Colombia ever since the Spanish conquest of the Americas. The indigenous peoples were the first to use irregular warfare against the Spanish invaders and colonial administrations.

By the early 19th century, groups of [creoles and mezitos, segregated from the European-born Spaniards, participated in separatist movements opposed to local authorities and later the Spanish monarchy itself. They established "patriotic armies" (Ejercitos patriotas) which included both regular and irregular forces.

La Violencia

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Even several organizations has declared how guerrilas in the Republic of Colombia works supporting the society and European NGOs benefits these left groups, colombian population had been harassed, threatened and killed by years and years of a absurd conflict. Suffering and fear describes colombian history and under any circumstances harm and murder can be justified. Originally, these groups used to had a real goal, used to fight for the citizens injustices, in nowdays, they forgot their path, aims and only looking profit and sending a cheap reputation of the government, achieving involve those who are inocents, losing their families, their dreams and their will to fight.

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