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Cauca River

The Cauca River is a river in Colombia that lies between the Occidental and Central cordilleras. Born in southwestern Colombia near the city of Popayan, it joins the Magdalena River just south of Santa Cruz de Mompox, and the combined river (though under the name Magdalena River) eventually flows out into the Caribbean. It has a total length of 1350 km. from origin to mouth. The river is under the supervision of the Corporacion Regional del Cauca and the Corporacion Autonoma Regional del Valle del Cauca.

Environmental issues

On November 18, 2007, Colombian newspaper El Tiempo reported that the river was receiving an average of 500 tons of residual waters a day. Pollution from the city of Popayan, seven gold mines that also add industrial pollutants such as mercury, some 8 sand mills, plus a couple of mines of coal and bauxite. Cali, the largest city over the river depends on the river in a 76%. Adding to these other affluent rivers collect residual waters from other major cities and deposit an approximate of 330 tons of residual waste into the river, by the time it gets to Yumbo the river has no oxygen.

The Cauca River is also known for being a "prolific" source of human remains, as it and other local rivers are popular places to dispose of murder victims.Bajak, F. Salvaging corpses at a bend in the river. Associated Press, in San Francisco Chronicle January 9, 2010.

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Corporacion Regional del Cauca

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