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TVN (Chile)

National Television of Chile (TVN) (Television Nacional de Chile) is Chilean state-owned television station. Its inaugural transmission took place on 1969. TVN is owned, but not funded, by the state, and it functions independently from it; a very particular case of public television in South America. A board of directors, appointed by the President of the Republic and later ratified by the Senate, oversees control over the station. The distribution of the members of the board tend to coincide with the political composition of the current Congress. That is to say, with a Concertacion (the government coalition) majority and an Alianza (right-wing opposition alliance) minority.

Technical details

TVN sends its feed via a 200+ sender network spanning 98% of Chile, using channel frequency 7 in Santiago.

It also operates an external station (TV Chile), that is received via satellite around the world.

Regional networks

TVN broadcasts outside metropolitan area using local repeaters called Redes (Spanish for Networks). Each of these repeat national TVN feed, plus, a local newscast, as well as local advertising. These TVN owned networks are:

TVN Red Tarapaca (Iquique)

TVN Red Antofagasta (Antofagasta)

TVN Red Atacama (Copiapo)

TVN Red Coquimbo (La Serena)

TVN Red Valparaiso (Valparaiso)

''TVN Red O'Higgins(Rancagua)

TVN Red Maule(Talca) TVN Red Biobio(Concepcion) TVN Red Araucania(Temuco) TVN Red Austral'' (Punta Arenas)


TVN broadcasts from 07:00 CLT-02:00 CLT (24 hours a day in TV Chile) and offers a mix of news, variety shows and children's programming. Its primetime is dominated by local dramas, telenovelas and local adaptations of American sitcoms. The most important shows currently airing on the network are:

Buenos Dias a Todos - Good Morning Everyone (breakfast)

Hijos del Monte - Del Monte Sons (telenovela)

Los Pincheira - The Pincheiras (telenovela)

Dr. House - HOUSE (TV series)

24 Horas - 24 hours (newscast)

El Baile en TVN - Dance on TVN (Chilean version of Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing with the Stars)

31 Minutos - 31 Minutes (children's programming)

Cachureos - Junk (children's programming)

Ultimo Minuto - up-to-the-minute (investigative journalism)

La Ruta de Amazonia - Amazon trail (documentary)

Hora 25 - 25th hour (culture)

La Cultura Entretenida - Cultural Entertainment (culture)

Mea Culpa - ''Mea Culpa I'm Guilty(docudrama)

Pasiones- Passions(talk show)

Rojo, Fama Contrafama Red, Fame and Infame(defunct Interactive reality-based singing and dancing competition)

Se Habla Espanol- Spanish Spoken(tv show) only signal (TV Chile)

Digan lo que Digan- Whatever(talk show)


Amelia(1981) Villa Los Aromos(1981) De Cara al Manana(1982) La Gran Mentira(1982) El Juego de la Vida(1983) La torre 10(1984) La represa(1984) La Dama del Balcon(1985) Morir de Amor(1985) Marta a las 8(1986) La Villa(1986) Mi Nombre es Lara(1987) Bellas y audaces(1988) Las Dos Caras del Amor(1988) A la Sombra del Angel(1989) El milagro de vivir(1990) Volver a empezar(1991) Trampas y caretas(1992) Jaque Mate(1993) Amame(1993) Rompecorazon(1994) Rojo y Miel(1994) Estupido Cupido(1995) Juegos de fuego(1995) Sucupira(1996) Loca piel(1996) Oro verde(1997) Tic tac(1997) Iorana(1998) Borron y cuenta nueva(1998) La fiera(1999) Aquelarre(1999) Romane(2000) Santo Ladron(2000) Pampa Ilusion(2001) Amores de mercado(2001) El circo de las Montini(2002) Purasangre(2002) 16 (2003)

Puertas adentro (2003)

Pecadores (2003)

Idolos (2004)

Los Pincheira (2004)

Destinos cruzados (2004)

Los Treinta (2005)

17 (2005)

Los Capo (2005)

Versus (2005)

Amor en tiempo record(2006) Entre medias(2006) Complices (2006)

Disparejas (2006)

Floribella (2006)

Karku (2007)

Corazon de Maria (2007)

Alguien te mira(2007) Amor por accidente(2007) Karkusecond season (2008) El Senor de la Querencia(2008) Viuda Alegre(2008) Hijos del Monte(2008) Los Exitosos Pells(2009) Donde esta Elisa?(2009) Los Angeles de Estella(2009 - 2010) Conde Vrolok(2009 - 2010) Martin Rivas'' (2010)

Major satellite and cable providers have noted growing demand for TVN to be offered in Canada. TVN was the first Latin American channel to open a channel in YouTube.

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