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GPA in Chile

In Chile, a grade point average ranges from 1.0 up to 7.0 (with one decimal place) are used, where:

7.0 (excellent) is the best possible grade

6.0-6.9 (very good)

5.0-5.9 (good)

4.0-4.9 (sufficient); 4.0 is the lowest passing grade

1.0-3.9 (insufficient) are failing grades; 1.0 is the worst possible grade.

Generally, it's a linear scale, with 1.0 meaning 0% achievement, 4.0 meaning 50% or 60% achievement (depending of the scale used), and 7.0 meaning 100% achievement. Rounding of averages is generally done to the second decimal; hence, a 3.95 is rounded up to a 4.0, whereas a 3.94 is rounded down to a 3.9.

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