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Alejandro Scopelli Casanova (born 12 May 1908 in La Plata – died 23 October 1987 in Mexico City) was an Argentine football player and coach. He played for Argentina between 1929 and 1941, and competed at the inaugural 1930 FIFA World Cup. He also represented the Italian national team on one occasion .

Playing career

Scopelli started his career in Argentina with Estudiantes de La Plata where he became part of the legendary side nicknamed "Los Profesores". In 1931 he scored 31 goals for the team but was beaten to the golden boot by team mate Alberto Zozaya's 33.

In 1933 Scopelli moved to Italy where he played for Roma and Inter Milan. During his time in Italy he played for their national team. In 1936 Scopelli returned to Argentina to play for Racing Club de Avellaneda. In his later career he played for Red Star Paris in France, around the start of the Second World War he moved to neutral teritory to play for Belenenses and then Benfica in Portugal. In 1942 Scopelli returned to South America to play for Universidad de Chile.

Managerial career

After retirement he became a manager, coaching many club teams including Club America in Mexico, and Valencia CF RCD Espanyol and Deportivo de La Coruna in Spain, Belenenses Sporting Lisbon and FC Porto in Portugal and Universidad de Chile.

Scopelli also coached at international level, with Chile, Portugal and Mexico.

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