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2007 Aisen Fjord earthquake

The Aisen Fjord earthquakes are a series of seismic movements of different magnitudes that occurred in Aisen Fjord from January 22, 2007, to April 22. The biggest transpired at 1:53 p.m. (local time) on April 21 and reached a magnitude of VII grade on the Mercalli scale. On the Richter scale, the earthquake reached a gradation of 6.2. Ten people disappeared, according to ONEMI (Chile's National emergency office), but three bodies were found on April 22 by the Navy of Chile.

On the mountains around the fjord, the earthquake caused landslides that in turn created waves as high as 6m, which severely damaged some salmon aquaculture installations. The potable water systems of the cities of Puerto Chacabuco and Puerto Aisen were broken, forcing firefighters and the army to supply water. The electricity network of Puerto Chacabuco was also cut off by the temblor.

The earthquake expanded to several zones of the country. At 6:22 a.m. (local time) on April 22, an intense earthquake was felt in Santiago, reaching grade II on the Mercalli scale.

Despite the protests against the government organized by Aysen's mayor, Chile's president, Michelle Bachelet visited the affected zone. She was met with black flags and, during the protest, Aysen's mayor Oscar Catalan was arrested. Catalan criticized heavily that the region hadn't received the necessary help to prevent damage and causalities during the earthquake as there had been minor earthquakes since January.

According to ONEMI, the following cities and town in Aisen Region were affected by the latest earthquake. The roman numerals show the strength on the Mercalli scale.

Puerto Chacabuco VII

Puerto Aisen VII

Coihaique VI

Balmaceda V

Cochrane IV

Seismic movements and events before April 21

Since January 22, Aysen Fjord has suffered a series of minor earthquakes. The greatest before April 21 reached grade VI on the Mercalli scale and occurred at 3:44 on p.m. on April 14, 2007. Local fishermen have reported seeing steam rising from the fjord.

Possible reasons

Speculation has focused on the earthquakes being related to the nearby triple junction of the Nazca, South American, and the Antarctic plates that join in an anomalous microplate lying near Taitao Peninsula. One of the most active volcanoes in Chile, Mount Hudson, also lies close to the epicenters of the earthquakes.

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