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Situated four hours from La Paz, Chulumani is the capital of the Sud Yungas region in Bolivia. Agriculture dominates the area, which produces bananas, coffee, and coca leaves. Chulumani is subtropical with warm temperatures and high humidity.

Although the city is not as popular for tourists as Coroico, Chulumani is also part of the world famous Yungas Road. On the drive to Chulumani one can admire the 'Castillo de los Patos' which is situated beside the Chaco waterfall. A few kilometers away from Chulumani is the Apa-Apa Ecological Reserve [*].

One must be careful while driving to Chulumani, as well as Coroico, as the road is quite narrow in many areas. If one encounters an oncoming vehicle while the road is narrow, there are certain rules to follow. First, the vehicle heading uphill has the right of way, as stopping and starting back up might be difficult on certain types of terrain. Also, if the road is wide enough for two vehicles to pass each other, the drivers must switch the cars' positions on the road, so the drivers can tell how far off the cliff or the mountain their respective vehicles cars are.

Many travel sites have advice for touring the area. Lonely Planet adds, "The only time Chulumani breaks its pervasive tranquility is during the week following August 24, when it stages the riotous Fiesta de San Bartolome."

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