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Rodolfo Almiron

Rodolfo Almiron Sena was a former Argentine police officer and a leader of an extreme right-wing death squad known as the Triple A, operating in Argentina during the mid-1970s. The group is held responsible for 1,500 murders of government opponents, and Almiron was charged with being one of the chiefs and organizers of the squad.

Almiron was born in 1936 in Puerto Bermejo, a small, riverside town in Chaco Province, Argentina. Almiron was incorporated into the Argentine Federal Police (with jurisdiction over the city of Buenos Aires) around 1960. A member of the robbery task force, Almiron became an associate of the "Prieto gang," one of the most notrious in the Greater Buenos Aires area during the early 1960s. He and other policemen were indicted in 1964 for obstruction of justice in the murders of numerous Prieto gang members; following the 1965 death of Prieto himself in a local jail, however, Almiron and his co-defendants were acquitted. Almiron was also involved in the June 1964 death of a U.S. military officer, who received a fatal gunshot during an altercation with Almiron outside a dance hall in Olivos, an upscale suburb of Buenos Aires. An acquaintance of Almiron's pled guilty to the shooting, later determined to have been Almiron's doing.Larraquy, Marcelo. Lopez Rega. La biografia. p. 249. Buenos Aires: Editorial Sudamericana, 2004.

He was arrested in Spain on December 29, 2006, on murder charges. Tried in Argentina, after an Argentine judge charged him of crimes against humanity (exempt from statutes of limitations), he was accused of the murder of Argentine Congressman Rodolfo Ortega Pena, former Buenos Aires Provincial Police assistant chief Julio Troxler, university professor Silvio Frondizi and Professor Frondizi's son-in-law, Luis Angel Mendiburu. An earlier stroke made him incapable of providing testimony or standing for cross-examination, however, and his trial remained suspended when he died in a Ezeiza prison on June 5, 2009. El Mundo: Muere sin condena Rodolfo Almiron

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