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For the fictitious clipper see The Onedin Line.

The pampero is a west or southwest wind in Southern Argentina. This wind (often violently) picks up during the passage of a cold front of an active low passing by.

Pampero is the name for a severe squall line that occurs over the Pampas of Argentina and Uruguay. A pampero event marks the passage of a cold front and often brings a considerable drop in temperature. The Pampero is usually accompanied by very humid and close conditions, severe rain, hail and thunderstorms and is followed by a cold, dry, gusty, southerly or south-westerly wind. The first phase is called the Pampero Humedo (the humid pampero) and the second phase is known as the Pampero Seco (the dry pampero), usually turning into a dust storm the Pampero Sucio. Although the Pampero might occur at any time of the year, it is usually strongest during southern hemispheric early summer, between October and January.




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