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Drummond class corvette

The Drummond (A69 type) is a class of 3 corvettes designed and built in France for the French Navy. The ships were all commissioned between 1978 and 1982 in the Argentine Navy

The ships currently serve in the "Atlantic Area of Operations" of the Argentine Navy, based on Mar del Plata Naval Base, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Displacement: n/a tons (empty); 1,170  tons (full load)

Length: n/a ft

Beam: n/a ft

Draught: n/a ft


*2 shafts / propellers

*2 SEMT Pielstick 12 PC2.2 V 400 diesel engines, tot.

*Max shaft horsepower: n/a shp max


Range: 4,500  nautical miles at


*4 Aerospatiale MM 38 Exocet SSM

*1 4in/55 Creusot-Loire CADAM turret DP automatic fast-firing gun

*1 twin 40 mm 70-cal. OTO Melara (Breda Bofors) AA guns

*2 20 mm L/ 90 Oerlikon automatic guns

*2 12.7 mm machine guns

*2 triple 324 mm ILAS-3 ASW torpedo tubes

Aircraft: None

Complement: 95


*Air/Surface Search: Signaal DA08 (equipped with IFF).

*Surface Search & helicopter control: Signaal ZW06.

*Fire Control: Signaal STIR

*Navigation: Decca TM 1226

Sonar: Thomson Sintra Diodon

Electronic Warfare:

*Decoys: (no details available)

Datalink: (no details available)

Weapons Control System: Thomson-CSF System Vega, CSEE Panda MK2 director (optical), NASA director .

Concept/Program: French designed and built general purpose avisos (classified as corvettes by the Argentine navy).

Builder: n/a shipyard, Lorient, France.

Designer: n/a, France.

Design: A69 type.

Ships in the class

ARA Drummond

ARA Guerrico

ARA Granville


One vessel of the A-69 variant was originally built for South Africa, the rest were constructed for France. The three are locally named the Drummond class, and currently serve in the Flota de Mar ("High Sea Fleet") of the Argentine Navy.

Although considered by its designers to be avisos, the Drummond class vessels have been classed in Argentina as corvettes.

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