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Alejandro de la Cruz Bentos

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Alejandro de la Cruz Bentos is an Argentinan Footballer who currently plays for C.D. FAS in El Salvador.

He Started out his career in Guarani Antonio Franco in his native town of Corrientes. In 1999, He Became a huge part of Puente Seco de Corrientes title. Due to his success, he moved on to play with Deportivo Moron in his native country. In 2001, he had his first stint with C.D. FAS where he became a hero in 6 of there 7 league titles. He Was Named one of El Salvador's Most Valuable Players. In 2005, He Played for CF Puebla in Primera A

of Mexico. Winning a Title With CF Puebla, He would return to C.D. FAS where he continues to be successful.

He will become a salvadoran citizen and will be able to participate with El Salvador.

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