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Chicago - Eternal Flame

When one thinks of monuments, one automatically thinks of large structures dedicated to some great person or nation. The Eternal Flame in Chicago is anything but garish and overbearing. The monument, situated in Daley Plaza, stands just one foot tall and is dedicated to all those who have served - especially those who have lost their lives in - the US Armed Forces. Completed in 1972, the monument is one of the unsung heroes of Chicago.

The monument consists of just a single flame and for some reason seems to attract more pigeons than tourists. The fact remains that not many people know about where the Eternal Flame is situated, or even know of its existence at all. The fact that the monument is a relatively unknown entity just enhances its presence as a powerful reminder to a very great cause.

The most beautiful time of the day to visit the Eternal Flame is early in the morning or later in the evening when the bustle of the city is at a minimum. This solace is what is needed to fully appreciate the simplicity of the Eternal Flame.

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