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Rio Grande Zoo - Albuquerque

Many zoos only offer visitors a one-dimensional interaction with the animals on display. Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque is somewhat different. Since opening its doors in 1927, the zoo has continually strived to bring humans and animals as close together as possible without infringing on the animals’ sense of habitat.

In the past decade alone, the Rio Grande Zoo authorities have invested large sums of money in upgrading the facilities in terms of trees, grass and water features so that the animals’ habitats are closer to what nature intended. There are over 250 species of animal which include orangutans, elephants, jaguars and rhinos.

The zoo is a facility of the Albuquerque Biological Park and has over 2 miles of walkways. Tourists are advised to wear comfortable walking shoes when visiting the zoo. Refreshments and souvenirs are sold at the zoo so that visitors can spend an entire day viewing the animals in comfort.

The biggest attraction at present is the recent birth of two snow leopard cubs. This is a very rare occurrence and the zoo authorities are very excited by the birth which is bound to attract thousands more visitors over the next few weeks.

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