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Mauro Mina

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Mauro Mina

After the loss to the Brazilian Mina won five straight fights before challenging Uruguayan Dogomar Martinez for the South American Light Heavyweight Title in October of 1958. The fight was held in Montevideo, Uruguay and Martinez came out a victorious on a close decision to retain his title.

After that fight, Mina would not lose again for the next eight years of his career. In 1960 he was proclaimed South American Light Heavyweight Champion, a title he held until he vacated it in 1966. He continued boxing and winning during the 60s in fights against Gregorio "Goyo" Peralta, Freddie Mack, Sugar Boy Nando, Guillermo Dutschmann, Henry Hank, Eddie Cotton all of which he won. He also won a fight against future champion Bob Foster, in 1963.

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