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Universidad Austral de Chile

Universidad Austral de Chile is a public coeducational research university in Chile based in Valdivia although it has some institutions and careers in Puerto Montt. Founded by decree on 7 September 1954 it is one of the seven original Chilean Traditional Universities. The university hosts arguably the most important film festival in Chile, the Valdivia International Film Festival. University scientists have also contributed to the research of the Monte Verde archaeological site done by Tom Dillehay and Mario Pino.

Faculties and institutes

Agrarian Sciences faculty, includes:

*Agronomy, Isla Teja Campus

*Aquiculture, Puerto Montt Campus

*Food science (Ingenieria en Alimentos), Isla Teja Campus

Engineering Sciences faculty, includes:

*Architecture, Isla Teja Campus

*Computer science (Ingenieria Civil Informatica), Miraflores Campus

*Acoustics engineering (Ingenieria Civil Acustica), Miraflores Campus

*Electronics engineering (Ingenieria Civil Electronica), Miraflores Campus

*Civil engineering (Ingenieria Civil en Obras Civiles), Miraflores Campus

*Construction engineering (Construccion Civil), Miraflores Campus

*Mechanical engineering (Ingenieria Civil Mecanica), Miraflores Campus

*Ship construction engineering (Ingenieria Naval), Miraflores Campus

Forestal Sciences faculty, includes:

*Instituto de Manejo Forestal

*Instituto de Silvicultura

*Instituto de Tecnologia de Productos Forestales

*Forestry (Ingenieria Forestal), Isla Teja Campus

*Environmental engineering (Ingenieria en Consevacion de Recursos Naturales), Isla Teja Campus

*Wood engineering (Ingenieria en Madera), Isla Teja Campus

Instituto de Geociencias (Isla Teja Campus)

Humanities and Philosophy faculty, includes:

*Anthropology, Isla Teja Campus

*Communication in English Pedagogy, Isla Teja Campus

*History and Social Sciences Pedagogy, Isla Teja Campus

*Journalism, Isla Teja Campus

*Language and Communication Pedagogy, Isla Teja Campus

*Phyiscal Education, Sports and Recreation Pedagogy

Law and Social Sciences faculty, include:

*Instituto de Derecho Publico

*Law (Derecho), Isla Teja Campus

Medicine faculty, includes

*Instituto de anatomia humana


*Medical technology



*Occupational therapy


Science faculty, includes:

*Marine biology, Isla Teja Campus

*Biochemistry, Isla Teja Campus

*Biology (Ciencias biologicas), Isla Teja Campus

*Medicinal chemistry (Quimica y Farmacia), Isla Teja Campus

Economic and Administrative Sciences faculty, includes:

*Tourism Enterprise Administration ,Isla Teja Campus

*Business administration (Ingenieria Comercial), Isla Teja and Puerto Montt Campus

Veterinary faculty

*Instituto de anatomia veterinaria'''

*Veterinary medicine

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