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Belen Montilla Torreblanca, Miss Chile Universe 2006, was chosen on July 5, 2006 under the jury presided over by the designer, Jose Cardoch, and the organization of Coca Cane. Montilla represented Chile in Miss Universe 2006.

At the time of the competition she was 23 years old and stood 5'11" (1.78). She didn't place in the pageant, which was won by Zuleyka Rivera. She will reign for two years because of the absence of Chile in Miss Universe 2007.

Nowadays she's a model in her country, taking part in fashion shows and "fashion weeks" frequently.

She will compete also in Reina Hispanoamericana Internacional 2007 (former "Reina Sudamericana") in Octuber, 2007. The pageant will held in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

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