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Battle of Yerbas Buenas

Topics: 1813 in Chile, Battles involving Chile, Battles of the Chilean War of Independence

The Battle of Yerbas Buenas developed during the Chilean War of Independence on April 27, 1813. It is also known as the Surprise of Yerbas Buenas.

In the battle, the Chilean forces, under the command of Colonel Juan de Dios Puga, and the Spanish forces, under the command of Bridgadier Antonio Pareja confronted each other.

The battle began when in the middle of the night the Chileans let lose on the Spanish soldier that were camping in the village of Yerbas Buenas, near Linares. In the beginning, the dark favored the Chileans who created confusion among the Spanish troops and almost winning the battle but just at the light of day, the Spanish realized that they were greater in number than the Chileans, and launched an attack. A third of the Chilean patriots were killed, among these were Lieutenant Enrique Ross and Colonel Juan de Dios Puga.

With great difficulty the survivors, directed by Captain Santiago Bueras, managing to the escape the Spanish attack and reaching the base in Talca to inform General Carrera that the Spanish forces were nearing them.

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