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Juan Carlos Aramburu

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Juan Carlos Aramburu (11 February 1912 - 18 November 2004) was the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 1975 to 1990, and was named to the College of Cardinals by Pope Paul VI in the consistory of 1976.

Aramburu was born in Reduccion in the Province of Rio Negro in Argentina. He was Ordained a priest in 1934, he became a bishop in 1946, serving successively as auxiliary bishop, diocesan bishop (from 1953), and first archbishop (from 1957) of Tucuman. He created ten new parishes and built chapels in this diocese, as well as a House of Spiritual Exercises. His intense pastoral work included giving the Confirmation to more than 1,000 people in one day.

Aramburu was the second youngest bishop in the history of the Argentine Church, and served 70 years of priesthood, during which he ordained ten bishops. At his death, he was the senior bishop by date of consecration in the entire Catholic Church. Active in retirement, he suffered a fatal cardiac failure as he prepared to go hear confessions at the Shrine of San Cayetano.

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