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Zuliana de Television

Zuliana de Television (known as Zuliana TV or ZUTV for short), is a Venezuelan regional television station seen by those living the the western Venezuelan state of Zulia. It broadcasts on UHF channel 30.


ZUTV was inaugurated on June 17, 1991 at precisely six o'clock in the morning. It originally was on the air twelve hours a day and offered a diverse range of programs with the support of Televen and their investors. ZUTV became the 13th regional television station to be created in Venezuela and the first station in Venezuela to broadcast with UHF. They originally covered the area west of Lake Maracaibo (about half of the state). Today they cover the entire state and have their very own television studio. Since their establishment, have had a partnership with local newspaper El Regional del Zulia and the radio station America 95.5 FM

The signal of ZUTV was connected to that of Televen's by means of the satellite Intelsat 6 which meant the station could easily receive and broadcast Televen's signal and visa-versa. It should be mentioned that Televen was the first national television station in the history of Venezuela to broadcast live a regional channel's signal.

ZUTV now produces its own programming and they claim to be neutral in their political views.


The following website is the programming chart of Zuliana TV: http://www.zulianatv.com/programacion.htm. For those who can't read in the Spanish language, "Hora" is "Hour", "Lunes" is "Monday", "Martes" is "Tuesday", "Miercoles" is "Wednesday", "Jueves" is "Thursday", "Viernes" is "Friday", "Sabado" is "Saturday", and "Domingo" is "Sunday".


ZUTV's installations has always been located in Ciudad Ojeda, in the Lagunillas municipality which is located on the eastern coast of Lake Maracaibo.

The original station board of directors included people such as Carlos Gonzalez Mazzei (president), Andres Finol Wardrop (vicepresident), and Adolfo Herrera (general manager).

ZUTV has, from the beginning, depended on some of their information from sources such as the AP (Associated Press), Venpres, and Reuters.

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