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Wild Cashew

The Wild Cashew or Espave is a tree in the flowering plant family Anacardiaceae. The tree is common in the Pacific and Atlantic watersheds, found as far north as Guatemala and extending south into Ecuador.

The Wild Cashew is a closely related species within the same genus as the cashew. It is a large evergreen tree growing to 45 m tall, with a straight, rose-hued trunk reaching 3 m in diameter. The leaves are simple, alternate, oval-shaped, 1530 cm long and 512 cm broad. The flowers are produced in a panicle up to 35 cm long, each flower small, pale green to white. Older flowers turn pink and develop a strong clove-like fragrance.

The true fruit is a 23 cm long drupe shaped like a kidney. Maturation occurs in March, April, and May. Uncooked, the fruit is poisonous, however the nut may be roasted and eaten.

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Cashew - the cultivated species Anacardium occidentale.

Anacardium Giganteum, also known as Wild Cashew, used medicinally.

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