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Venezuelan military ranks

A new law approved in July 2008 changed the military ranks of Venezuela. The law was sanctioned by Venezuelan Legislative Body Asamblea Nacional, however the changes were designed by President Hugo Chavez Frias in order to standardize Venezuelan military ranks with the Cuban Army, among another changes in terms of names, functions and commanding regulation of the armed forced.

The main changes are for the Top Officer Ranks, with the incorporation of the Comandante en Jefe rank, the upgrading of the General en Jefe/Almirante en Jefe Rank, and the creation of the Mayor General/Almirante Rank.

Even before these legal changes, the Venezuelan Military ranks system were always notably complex and differs a lot from other armies in the Region. It has 3 types of Non Commissioned Officers: Technical, Professional and Enlisted.

Comandante en jefe: The new all military leader rank

The office of the Venezuelan military supreme commander has always been held by the President, however with the new law sanctioned in 2008, the Comandante en Jefe is not only a function attributed to the executive branch, but is now set to be a military rank equivalent to a Five Stars General or a Marshall. Anybody who gets elected President of Venezuela is incorporated to the military with a full commissioned officer status and will have a uniform.

Chavez retired as Lieutenant Colonel in the Army in 1992, but with this new responsibility he is reinstated in the army and has the right to wear a uniform and distinctive shoulder badge and sleeve insignia. This rank holds the direct operational control and command over all armed forces.

The charge is a copy of the one used by Fidel Castro in Cuba, and the design of the shoulder patch are very similar one to another.

Officer ranks

For the Army, National Guard, Air Force and new military force Militia, these are the ranks:

General en Jefe: Military top officer, usually Ministry of Defense

Mayor General: Military forces commander and strategic commander.

General de Division

General de Brigada


Teniente Coronel



Primer Teniente


For the Navy, these are the ranks for officer:

Almirante en Jefe




Capitan de Navio

Capitan de Fragata

Capitan de Corbeta

Teniente de Navio

Teniente de Fragata


Professional Non Commissioned Officers

These are enlisted personnel, with a technical and professional degree, are usually assigned to technical positions inside the Armed Forces.

Army, National Guard, Air Force and Militia:

Maestro Tecnico Supervisor

Maestro Tecnico

Maestro Tecnico de Primera

Maestro Tecnico de Segunda

Maestro Tecnico de Tercera

Sargento Tecnico de Primera

Sargento Tecnico de Segunda

Sargento Tecnico de Tercera


Maestre Supervisor

Maestre Mayor

Maestre Principal

Maestre Auxiliar

Maestre Tecnico

Maestre de Primera

Maestre de Segunda

Maestre de Tercera

NCO Troops

Professional Troops:

Sargento Supervisor

Sargento Ayudante

Sargento Mayor de Primera

Sargento Mayor de Segunda

Sargento Mayor de Tercera

Sargento Primero

Sargento Segundo

Enlisted Troops:

Cabo Primero

Cabo Segundo



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