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TELE N is a Venezuelan regional news network based in the western Venezuelan city of Maracaibo in the Zulia State. It can be seen in the entire Zulia State. Reporters and jounrnalists for TELE N are: Ambar Simancas, Andreina Socorro, Angela Romero, Daniel Pereira, Angelica Villegas, Grace Orta, Henry Ramirez, Hugo Sanchez, Jesus Ramirez, Joandry Monsalve, Jose Ramos, Juan Carlos Fernandez, Juan Garcia, Julio Eduardo Torrents, Katy Ferrer, Mandy Perozo, Laura Ippolito, Dr. Patricia Lubo, Maria Eugenia Perozo, Mattew Bello, Tahina Villa, Zulbert Marin.


The following is a list of the programs seen on TELE N. These shows are news, information, and opinion shows:

Buenos Dias Zulia - With Jose Ramos.

Solo Estrellas - With Grace Orta.

Escapate - With Katy Ferrer.

Hablando con las comunidades - With Angela Romero.

Noticias en Red - With Zulbert Marin.

En la Onda - With Mandy Perozo.


La Vida es Asi - With Julio Eduardo Torrents.

Palabreando - With Andreina Socorro.

Historias Nuestras - With Ambar Simancas.

A Punto - With Juan Carlos Fernandez.

Joyas para tu Casa - With Maria Eugenia Perozo.

Noticiero Tele N - With Daniel Pereira, Angelica Villegas, Tahina Villa, Angela Romero, and Mattew Bello.

Avanza - With Henry Ramirez.

Rueda de Periodistas - With Angela Romero, Tahina Villa, Angelica Villegas, Daniel Pereira, and Mattew Bello.

Mas Salud Mas Vida - With Dr. Patricia Lubo.

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