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Southern Yellow Bat

The Southern Yellow Bat (Lasiurus ega), is a species of bat in the vesper bat family, Vespertilionidae. It is native to South, North and Central America, from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas in the United States to Argentina. This species roosts in trees and vegetation. In Texas, their preferred roosting sites are the frond "skirts" of both wild and ornamental palm trees, such as Sabal mexicana and Washingtonia robusta. These are collections of dead fronds against the trunk and provide a favored dark habitat for the bats. Palms are also home to insects, which the bats eat.

The Southern Yellow Bat is a nocturnal species, foraging for one to two hours after sunset on small to medium-sized flying insects. They usually feed near their roost, and go no farther than necessary for water.

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