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Sonar no Cuesta Nada

Sonar no Cuesta Nada (2005) was a Miami-made telenovela that was produced by and seen first on Univision and later on Venevision. This telenovela lasted 191 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevision International. In October 1, 2007, begin to transmit in XHRAE-TV Cadena Tres in Mexico


From penniless immigrant to millionaire heiressEmilia Olivares undergoes this drastic transformation not by an unexpected stroke of luck or fairy-tale magic, but through an evil scheme that traps her in a web of lies and deceit. And so, what was simply a daydream for a humble young woman becomes a nightmare that changes her life forever.

As an illegal immigrant in the United States, Emilia has few options. In order to help support her family, she is forced to work as a maid. However, her situation does not prevent her from dreaming of a better life. Beautiful, sweet and noble in spirit, Emilia one day meets the man who could make her dreams come true: Felipe Reyes.

Intimidated by the fact that Felipe is very rich, and ashamed of her social standing, Emilia does not reveal her true identity, but rather becomes a mystery to the young man. After just a few dates, they fall in lovebut she decides to disappear from his life.

Fate will bring them face to face again when Emilia becomes entrapped in a complex lie. Coerced by her greedy mistress, Roberta Lizalde, Emilia assumes the identity of Robertas stepdaughter, Andrea, who is confined to bed with a terminal illness. The reason is that Andreas father, Robertas deceased husband, made his daughter the only heir to a fortunewith the condition that if she should die before her 24th birthday, everything will go to charity. Because Andrea has very little time left to live, Roberta needs someone to take Andreas place and give her control of the inheritance, so she wickedly manipulates Emilia into doing it.

Now pretending to be Andrea, Emilia meets Felipe again, and the budding love they once shared rekindles into a raging fire of passion. But reality catches up with Emilia soon enough, as Felipes viciously jealous girlfriend, Monica, sets out to uncover her rivals deception, opening Felipes eyes to Emilias true identity. From this moment on, Emilia faces a turbulent succession of events that lead her story to a totally unexpected ending.


Karyme Lozano as Emilia Olivares

Cristian de la Fuente as Felipe Reyes Retana

Laura Zapata as Roberta Lizalde

Geraldine Bazan as Liliana Reyes Retana

Victor Camara as Arturo

Maria Alejandra Martin as Olivia

Mirela Mendoza as Monica

Orlando Fundichelly as Ricardo

Andres Garcia Jr as Luis

Olivia Collins as Estela

Ariel Lopez Padilla as Reyes Retana

Graciela Doring as Carlota

Joemy Blanco as Lucy

Susan Vohn as Michelle

Rodrigo Mejia as Mauricio

Arap Bethke as Bobby

Tatiana Capote as Matilde

Jessica Cerezo as Jazmin

Carmen Daysi Rodriguez as Andrea Lizalde

Adrian Mas as Rodrigo

Carlos Cuervo as Jose

Omar Avila as Javier

Carlos Cruz as Dr. Zabaleta

Ivelin Giro as Renata

Nelida Ponce as Nana Dolores

Mariana Huerdo as Carmela

Julio Capote as Pedro

Jorge Luis Pila as Ernesto

Hilda Luna as La Kikis

Tania Lopez as Maite

Taniusha Capote

Theme song

There are 2 theme songs for this telenovela: one is called "Sonar No Cuesta Nada", performed by the main star Karyme Lozano and it can ben heard only in Spanish-speaking markets (it's the opening theme song). There's also another song performed by Venezuelan boy-band A.5, the song is also called "Sonar No Cuesta Nada", but it has different lyrics to the Karyme Lozano's version, and it's only heard in non-Spanish speaking markets.

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