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Ser Bonita No Basta

Ser Bonita No Basta (Beauty is not enough) is a 2005 Venezuelan Telenovela, which tells the story of three half-sisters, who are blessed with beauty but cursed with a nightmare of a personal life.


The telenovela tells the story of three half-sisters: Coral Torres, Topacio Martinez and Esmeralda Falcon. Three sisters are completely unaware of each others existence and of the fact that their father, Asdrubal Torres, is still alive. The only thing that links them is a birthmark in the shape of a crescent.

All three sisters are incredibly beautiful in their own way, but nevertheless miserable in their private life.


Heroines and heroes

Coral Torres: Coral is the eldest of the three sisters. She is a fashion model, who is constantly controlled by her dictator-like mother, Soledad. She loves Alejandro and always has, but there is no way her mother will let them have a happily ever after. Nor will Soledad let anything else stand in the way of her dream of Coral being the top model of Venezuela, not even her own granddaughter. Coral had a daughter which was named Perlita, but as a result of her mothers plots and manipulations she was robbed of both her child and the man she loved. Now Coral is forced to continue pursuing the dream that was never hers, and that she has grown to detest.

Topacio Martinez: Topacio was grew up as an orphan in orphanage. The only family she ever knew was a brother from the orphanage who died at a young age. Due to her extraordinary beauty she becomes Ms. Venezuela, but gives it all away at the moment of victory, for the man she loves. Unfortunately the man, Orlando Alvarez, is just using her beauty and fame to his own advantage and does not have any real love for her. Once he has gained all that he can from their relationship, he abandons her at the altar in front of the whole world. This leaves Topacio completely destroyed.

Esmeralda Falcon: Esmeralda is the youngest of the sisters. In the beginning of the novela she takes care of her dying mother. She is tormented by her two wicked stepsisters, who have for years bullied her and stole the credit and rewards from her fashion drawings. At her deathbed Esmeralda's mother tells her the truth about her real father and that he is alive. After her mother's death she tells this to her stepsisters who lock her up in her room to keep her from leaving to find her father.

Alejandro Mendoza: Alejandro is a handsome young attorney to be. He loves and always has loved Coral, but their happiness is shattered by her wicked mother, Soledad. Alejandro is also, unbeknownst to himself, the father of Coral's child Perlita, who was given away at birth by her grandmother, Soledad.

Julian "El Duque" Mendoza: El Duque is Alejandro's brother. In the course of the telenovela he becomes Esmeralda's hero, saving her from being raped, and her loved-one.


Soledad Olavarria: Soledad is the tyrannic mother of Coral. She is emotionless and determined to make sure her daughter becomes the top model she never got to be, whether Coral likes it or not. She refuses to let anything stand in the way of her obsessed determination. She steals Corals chance for a life with the man she loves and their daughter, Perlita.

Orlando Alvarez: Topacio's deceitful fiancee. He was only with her to become famous and to also otherwise take advantage of her fame and beauty. Underneath his polishes appearance he is a cold-hearted opportunist. After taking Topacio for all that he considers she is worth he cruelly dumps her at the altar leaving her shattered. He considers her a typical beauty - beautiful, but airheaded. In the course of the telenovela he will be proven incredibly wrong on that assessment.


Marjorie De Sousa ... Coral Torres Olavarria, (Heroine)

Ricardo Alamo ... Alejandro Mendoza (Hero)

Javier Vidal ... Asdrubal Torres (the father of the three heroines)

Flavia Gleske ... Topacio Martinez (Heroine)

Ricardo Bianchi ... Julian Mendoza 'El Duque' (Hero)

Marianela Gonzalez ... Esmeralda Falcon (Heroine)

Fedra Lopez ... Soledad Olavarria

Hugo Vasquez ... Orlando Alvarez (Villain)

Alejandro Otero ... Francisco Arias

Marlene Maseda ... Carmela Guerra

Adolfo Cubas ... Justo Olavarria

Juan Carlos Baena ... Eduardo Marquez

Ernesto Balzi ... Ezequiel Villavicencio

Beatriz Vasquez ... Teresa de Mendoza

Leopoldo Regnault ... Reynaldo Mantilla

Alejandro Mata ... Don Ramiro Campos

Nathalie Cortez ... Etelvina Martinez

Gioia Lombardini ... Dona Consuelo Rojas

Sandy Olivares ... Dario Pena

Maria Antonieta Castillo ... Elena 'Lala' Tirado (Coral's cousin and Perlita's stepmother)

Ana Gabriela Barboza ... Jazmin Falcon

Lolymar Sanchez ... Rosa 'Rosita' Falcon

Sebastian Falco ... Benjamin Eskenazi

Carmen Alicia Lara ... Eilin Campos

Anabella Troconis-Neri ... Isabelina Villavicencio

Maria Gabriela de Faria ... Andreina Marquez

Veronica Cortez ... Margot de Falcon (Esmeralda's mother)

Cesar Roman Bolivar ... Ramon Seijas 'Ramses'

Crisol Carabal ... Michelle

Dora Mazzone ... Betty Marrero

Ligia Petit ... Gala (Coral's evil model-colleague)


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