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Rhinodoras is a genus of catfishes (order Siluriformes) of the family Doradidae. It includes five species, R. armbrusteri, R. boehlkei, R. dorbignyi, Rhinodoras gallagheri, and R. thomersoni.

Fossil record

Rhinodoras has been identified in the fossil record from the late Miocene Urumaco Formation (about 9 million years of age), Falcon State, Venezuela. R. thomersoni may have a minimum age of 8 million years.


Rhinodoras species are distributed in South America. R. armbrusteri is known from the Takutu River (and its tributary the Ireng River) that

drains into the upper Rio Branco in Guyana and Roraima State, Brazil; it is also known from the Rupununi River (Essequibo River

basin) in southwestern Guyana. R. boehlkei originates from the Upper Amazon River basin. R. dorbignyi is found in the Parana River basin. R. gallagheri is known from Apure River, Capanaparo River, and Arauca River, all left bank tributaries of the middle Orinoco, in the llanos regions of Apure and Barinas States of Venezuela. It is also known from the Aguas de Limon River in the Arauca Department of Colombia. R. thomersoni inhabits the river basins along the southwest shore of Lake Maracaibo .

Appearance and anatomy

Rhinodoras species are distinguished from other doradids by a unique combination of coloration and lip shape . R. boehlkei grows to a length of about 13.3 centimetres SL. R. dorbignyi reaches a maximum size of about 50 cm TL. R. thomersoni can grow to 20 cm SL.

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