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Que Paso con Jacqueline?

Que Paso con Jacqueline? was a Venezuelan telenovela made in 1982 by Radio Caracas Television. It lasted 48 episodes and was written by Alicia Barrios and Gustavo Michelena. It was directed by Cesar Bolivar. In 1995, Televisa remade it into Lazos de Amor which starred Lucero and Luis Jose Santander. Although they changed the story of twins to triplets, but the idea of an evil twin/triplet remained the same.


This is the story of orphan twin sisters, Ana and Jackeline. Ana, who suffers from a heart condition, is constantly assuming her sisters identity, and goes as far as taking over in Jackelines marriage to the architect Alejandro Ascanio. Jackeline is involved in an auto accident and has to undergo plastic surgery to reconstruct her face, reappearing with a new identity, Melissa Vidal. Her objective now is to regain Alejandros love and displace her sister Ana who has completely taken over her identity.


Doris Wells

Jean Carlos Simancas

Raul Amundaray

Liliana Duran

Felix Loreto

Yajaira Orta

Elba Escobar

Carlos Marquez

Alicia Plaza

Victor Camara



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