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Pura Sangre

Pura Sangre (1994) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Radio caracas Television. It was written by Julio Cesar Marmol and directed by Olegario Barrera. This telenovela lasted 168 episodes and was distributed internationally by RCTV International.


Pura Sangre is set amidst the beauty and exuberance of the tropics... where man battles nature each day to reap the frutis of the earth. It is here that we encounter two families - of the Paredes and Sarmiento lineage - both wealthy landowners who have been caught in a life and death struggle far longer that anyone can remember. Abraham Paredes is the patriarch of his family; a selfish, greedy despot who heads the bitter fight against the Sarmientos. He was married twice: once to Belinda, a deaf-mute and mother of Aaron; and to Eloisa, who died in childbirth and was the mother of Damian, Derian and Eloisa. Abraham has another child: Anastasio, son of an unknown mother. Numa Pompilio Sarmiento heads the rival family; his sons and innumerable nephews support his battle against the Paredes clan. Mauricio is his eldest son; a young man as intent on revenge as is Rafael (Numa's favorite nephew). Upon returning to these lands from capital city, Numa's youngest son Abelardo falls madly in love with Eloisa Paredes... and this subplot unfolds into an intense and troubled love story, reminiscent of the great Shakespearean classic. At the same time, Yomira (Numa Pompilio's only daughter) is tormented by the memories of a love affair she once had with Damian Paredes. Damian has since returned from the capital city, where he became a priest in an endeavor to help save his family. Her vivid memories and his new commitment to his faith further heighten the conflict in their relationship. In the midst of the intrigue and this vicious struggle for power, we meet Corazon. She is a beautiful girl who was raised in the countryside and has suffered the harsh realities of rural life, while being an unwitting heir to the family wars. As such, Corazon is indomitable, yet possesses rare beauty and innocence. Aaron is instantly attracted to her unique personality and takes it upon himself to be a sort of teacher to her. As in the play "Pigmalion", he transforms the rebellious and untamed Corazon into a great lady... not realizing - until it's too late - that love has a way of subtly capturing the heart. This story is a turbulent river of passions, hatred, and vengeance... where love, in its most sublime form, struggles to keep from drowning in its water


Lilibeth Morillo as Corazon

Simon Pestana as Aaron

Crisol Carabal as Yomira Sarmiento

Dad Dager as Aurita Guillen

Guillermo Ferran as Numa Pompilio Sarmiento

Rolando Padilla as Abelardo Sarmiento

Rosario Prieto as Estacia Briceno

Victoria Roberts as Maria Angelica Guillen

Vicente Tepedino as Damian Paredes

Carlos Villamizar as Abraham Paredes

Dante Carle as Reinaldo Guillen

Jessica Braun as Eloisa Paredes

Tony Rodriguez as Tiberio Sarmiento

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