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Piononos may refer to several varieties of pastry popular in Spain, Latin America, and The Philippines.

Spanish version

Piononos are small pastries traditional in Santa Fe, a small town adjacent to the city of Granada, Spain. A pionono has two parts: a thin layer of pastry rolled into a cylinder, fermented with different kinds of syrup which give the pionono a sweet and pleasant texture, crowned with toasted cream. It is typically eaten in one or two bites.

South American versions

In various South American countries such as Argentina, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, and Peru, piononos are prepared using a dough made of flour, eggs, and sugar, which is baked in a thin sheet then rolled around a filling of dulce de leche, fruits, chantilly cream, or salty fiambre, or a savory salad, such as chicken salad.

In Puerto Rico piononos are prepared using yellow, or sweet plantain as the "bread" around a savory filling. It is usually stuffed with a meat filling called picadillo with cheese, the whole sandwich is then deep-fried.

Philippine/Filipino version

In The Philippines, piononos, or pianonos, are similar to jelly rolls. It is made up of a layer of pastry that consists of eggs, sugar, and sifted flour. It is usually baked as a sheet. Once cooled, jelly or other fillings are spread over the pastry. Then it is rolled from one end to the next. Fillings can range from anything sweet to savory.


Puerto Rican pinonons with lobster

Puerto Rican shrimp pinonons


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