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Olvidarte Jamas

Olvidarte Jamas (I'm Not Going To Forget You) is a 2005 telenovela made by Venevision International in Miami that lasted 118 episodes. The telenovela starred Venezuelan-American actress Sonya Smith and Mexican actor Gabriel Porras. The telenovela was written by Veronica Suarez and Omaira Rivero. It was executive produced by Peter Tinoco and Ana Teresa Arizmendi. It aired on Univision in the United States. The theme song "Olvidarte Jamas" (I Am Not Going To Forget You) was sung by Mexican singer Pablo Montero.


Beautiful Victoria has spent 20 years carrying the weight of an unforgivable wrong done to her and waiting for the perfect moment to get even. When she was just a teenager, poor and naive, she was deceived and seduced by Gonzalo Montero, son of Don Gregorio, the ruthless owner of the ranch where she worked as a peasant, and became pregnant. But her baby never had a chance at life, thanks to Gonzalos infuriated wife, Gladis, who gave Victoria a violent beating. Since then, Victoria, who at the time was known by her real name, Luisa, is obsessed with making the Monteros pay for her pain.

Now a stunning, rich and mature woman, Luisa/Victoria returns to Florida with her lovely adopted daughter, in search of revenge. She begins by getting a job at the Montero ranch, where Gonzalo, Gladis and Don Gregorio are all immediately intrigued by her, as she uncannily reminds them of someone they would rather forget.

However, vengeance doesnt come as easily as Victoria thought, since she never expected love to interfere with her plans. When she meets Diego, a landowner neighbor of the Monteros, its love at first sight for both. While tough and inflexible on the surface, Diego is really just a bitter man, a victim of a great injustice, in desperate need of affectionwhich Victoria is willing to give him without bounds. To complicate matters even more, Victorias daughter, Carolina, finds true love in Alejandro, Gonzalo Monteros son.

Victoria realizes that if she wants lasting happiness for herself and her daughter, she must finally let go of the hatred she feels for the Monteros, in spite of the fact that they continue hounding her even today. Will she be able to? What will win out in the end: her unflinching desire for revenge, or the power of love?


Sonya Smith - Luisa Dominguez/Victoria Salinas

Gabriel Porras - Diego Ibarra

Mariana Torres - Carolina

Daniel Elbitar - Alejandro Montero

Sebastian Ligarde - Gonzalo Montero

Guillermo Murray - Gregorio Montero

Martha Julia - Lucrecia Montero

Hector Soberon - Renato

Karen Senties - Gladys de Montero

Maite Embil - Florencia Montero

Rodrigo Vidal - Miguel

Brenda Bezares - Constanza Montero

Felix Loreto - Ruben Teran

Fernando Carrera - Martin de la Nuez

Paulo Quevedo - Patricio de la Nuez

Carmen D. Rodriguez - Crista

Julio Capote - Chema

Gloria Zapata - Flora Ibarra

Yaskin Santalucia - Claudio

Carlos Miguel Caballero - Macario

William Levy (actor) - German

Eduardo Linares - Vicenre "Chente"

Javier Armenteros - Gerardo

Marisela Buitriago - Maria

Adela Romero - Martina

Elizabeth Gutierrez - Isabella

Roberto Levermann - Edelmiro

Hilda Luna - Rocio

Carla Rodriguez - Amalia

Taniusha Capote - Bianca

Ernesto Rivas - Valentin

Candice Michelle- Layla

Hada Bejar

Angel Nodal

Miguel Gutierrez - Ramon

Juan Troya - Ocampo

Enrique Arredondo

Ernesto Rivas

Johnny Nessy

Virginia Loreto

Brigitte Kali Canales

Konstantino Vrotsos

Gabriel Morales

Andhy Mendez

William Colmenares - El Verdugo


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