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Mas que Amor... Frenesi

Mas que Amor... Frenesi (2001) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venevision. This telenovela lasted 105 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevision International.


Mas que Amor... Frenesi tells the story, at a specific time of the story, about characters that we might find anywhere, in a supermarket, in a shopping center in Caracas, just about anywhere in any city. We live, we laugh and we even cry with this group of women and men who love each other with frenzy and for that same reason it becomes so complex for them to love each other. Their daily lives, which is what the story is mostly about, their struggle to see their dreams come true, which are so much like our own dreams, drive the plot to the point when we explode with laughter or tears. These will be several love stories were going to tell you about - different, complex, sweet, fortunate and some not so fortunate, lived and suffered by people who in spite of their pain never stop seeing a new day as a new opportunity in their lives, as a new hope that tomorrow will be a lot better than yesterday and things will work out.


Wanda D' Isidoro as Virginia Fajardo

Mario Cimarro as Santiago Guerrero

Jean Carlos Simancas as Orestes Lara

Carolina Perpetuo as Mercedes Fajardo de Lopez

Gigi Zancheta as Hada Marina Fajardo de Pimentel

Rafael Romero as Abelardo Pimentel

Ana Karina Casanova as Carmela Crespo

Dennis Novell as Consuelo "Chelo" Pacheco

Yanis Chimaras as Pompeyo Lopez

Raul Amundaray as Tadeo Guerrero

Margarita Ortega as Maria Patricia Mendoza

Isabel Moreno as Corazon

Herminia Martinez as Perpetua de Fajardo

Elizabeth Morales as Socorro Angulo

Cristina Obin as La Gran Betancourt

Martha Carbillo as Justina

Jose Torres as Pio

Pedro Lander as Marco Tulio Bracamonte

Ramon Hinojosa as Tapia

Rolando Padilla as Preston Echevarria

Victor Rentroya as Norton

Johanna Morales as Nubis Mayo

Adelaida Mora as Belinda

Reinaldo Jose Perez as Casto Manuel

Maritza Bustamante as Maria Fernanda Lopez Fajardo

Daniel Elbitar as Alberto Jose "Tito" Rodriguez Pacheco

Deyalith Lopez as Jennifer

Victor Hernandez as Serafin

Candy Montesinos as Ana

Cesar Roman Bolivar as Pablo

Kimberly Dos Ramos as Anastasia "Taty" Lara Fajardo

Lenin Dos Ramos as Rodrigo Pimentel Fajardo

Cindy Carol Da Silva as Alejandra Pimentel Fajardo

Jose Manuel Moreno Suarez as Fernando Jose "Nandito" Lopez Pacheco

Rocio Bastidas as Rafaela

Jenny Valdez as Xiolimar

Mario Brito as Chicho

Monica Pereda as Samira

Frank Mendez as Camacaro

Juan Galeno as Jacinto

Maritza Adames as Lopez

Jean Paul Leroux as Chacon

Ana Massimo as Clarita

Carmen Francia as Clemencia

Asdrubal Blanco as Edisson

Juan Frankis as Anselmo Lander/Carterito

Vicente Tepedino as Teodoro

Chony Fuentes as Pepita Pacheco

Theme song

The theme song to Mas que Amor... Frenesi is "Frenesi", performed by Oscar D'Leon.

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