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Maria de los Angeles

Maria de los Angeles (1997) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Television. Julio Cesar Marmol came up with the idea for this telenovela. Its writers were Julio Cesar Marmol, Melida Marmol Olivares, Laura Bollonio, Manuel Gonzalez, and Constantino Estevez. Hernando Faria was in charge of general produccion, Jhony Pulido Mora was its executive producer, and Olegario Barrera was its director. This telenovela lasted 113 episodes and was distributed internationally by RCTV International.


This story begins with a pact of love between two children who dare to defy destiny. As the street romance grows more intense over the years, it ironically becomes the most turbulent and vindictive relationship that two human beings can bear. Orquidea, the stepdaughter of a wealthy landowner, falls in love with Radames, a man of humble origins. Believing that Radames has betrayed her, she accepts an arranged marriage with a rich man, vowing to take revenge on the man she truly loves. From that moment, vengeance is their passion... and money becomes the object of their desires. Against Orquidea's wishes, her brother, Hector, marries a poor woman named Rosalind. Shortly before the birth of their daughter, Hector dies in an automobile accident. Following the tragedy, Orquidea forces Rosalinda to leave the hacienda, swearing to kill her and the baby in order to prevent them from inheriting the family fortune. In an effort to protect her daughter, Rosalind takes the infant to a convent where she is raised by nuns. The child, Maria de los Angeles, will one day return to claim her fortune despite the danger she is bound to face. Maria de los Angeles's life will be threatened by her aunt's lies which will cause her imprisonment for a crime she didn't commit. In her struggle to recover her fortune, Maria meets two men, Rodrigo and Jorge. Rodrigo, raised in a world of wealth, is attractive and ambitious. Jorge, raised in savage world, is brave and as impulsive as nature. Both will fall in love with her, and both will make her feel betrayed. Only one really loves her. Will she be able to make the right choice?


priscilla adade as Maria de los Angeles

Marcelo Cezan as Jorge de la Rosa

Ricardo Alamo as Rogelio Vargas

Juan Carlos Alarcon as Aurelio Vargas Villafane

Ricardo Bianchi as Felix Rebolledo

Crisol Carabal as Alba Griselda

Carlos Cruz as Hector

Martin Lantigua as Don Teofilo Cordoba

Dora Mazzone as Salome

Flor Nunez as Rosalinda Basanta

Veronica Ortiz as Andrea

Alba Roversi as Orquidea Cordoba Escalante

Alberto Rowinsky as Vladimir Arevelo

Vicente Tepedino as Rodrigo Arevalo

Franklin Virguez as Radames Basanta

Theme song

The theme song to Maria de los Angeles is "Inmenso", performed by Felix Valentino.

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