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Llovizna (telenovela)

Llovizna was a popular 1997 telenovela from Venezuela, starring Scarlet Ortiz and Luis Fernandez. It was produced by the now defunct RCTV. This telenovela contained 145 episodes.


Llovizna is the name of a beautiful eighteen year old girl raised by Marhuanta Sanchez, a former prostitute and companion of Llovizna's grandfather, Caruachi del Rio. Caruachi, an ex-convict and now a steel worker, gave baby Llovizna to Marhuanta, without revealing that she was his granddaughter. Llovizna's biological mother, Caruachi's daughter, Resplandor, was murdered immediately following her birth in an effort to hide a relationship she had with Pio Heres, the owner of the steel mill. As Pio was hoping for a son, Llovizna's life was spared, and she was given to Marhuanta to raise as her own child. On his deathbed, Caruachi reveals to Llovizna that Pio robbed him of his investment in the steel mill 20 years prior, and that Pio is responsible for the death of her mother. As he breathes his last breath, he begs Llovizna, as his sole heir, to recover her share of the steel mill that was taken away from him years ago, before Pio had him unjustly imprisoned for the death of Llovizna's mother. Caruachi's tragic accident in one of the furnaces at the steel mill, compels Llovizna to seek his job, in order to keep the promise she made to her dying grandfather, to expose Pio Heres for all of his wrongdoing. Here, Llovizna will fall hopelessly in love with Orinoco Fuego, a handsome, young and rebellious steel worker. Jesus Ferrer, many years ago, left his humble family, and ambitiously studied under the tutiledge of Pio Heres, who had many years awaited the birth of a son. Jesus changed his name from Caroni Fuego and left behind his mother and younger brother, Orinoco. Fate and circumstances will force Llovizna to set her feelings for Orinoco aside, when she leaves the furnaces and accepts a job with the new general manager of the steel empire, Mr. Jesus Ferrer. Here Llovizna begins to unravel the lies that the now seriously ill Pio has used to cover the death of her mother and the robbery of her grandfather's rights in the steel mill. When Pio is exposed for his crimes and threatens Orinoco's life, Llovizna, in an attempt to save her true love, marries Jesus.

Llovizna is the name of the story of youth who want to better themselves and the struggle to achieve their goals and lives. It is a story where honest work, education, solidarity and friendship are the moving forces that frame all of the characters. It is the impulse of such a powerful love that makes their conquest possible.


Scarlet Ortiz as Yolanda Sanchez (Llovizna)

Luis Fernandez as Orinoco Fuego

Caridad Canelon as Marhuanta Sanchez

Pablo Martin as Caroni Fuego/Jesus Ferrer

Javier Vidal as Pio Heres Briceno

Juan Carlos Baena as Luis Luis

Yoletty Cabrera as Soledad Barrancos

Natalia Capelletti as Concordia

Henry Castaneda as Guasipati

Catherine Correia as Salvaje Callao

Nacarid Escalona as Alejandra de Hipolito

Elisa Escamez as Nieves Fuego

Alfonso Medina as Lanzarote Nino

Erika Medina as Siria Degredo

Mildred Quiroz as Diamante Falcon Heres

Jose Angel Urdanetaas Patrio Morales

Winston Vallenilla as Jose Miguel Andueza

Tatiana Capote as unknown

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