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Las Gonzalez

Las Gonzalez (2002) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venevision. This telenovela lasted 94 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevision International.


Before we tell you the story we're about to reveal, we want to ask you for a favor. For moment think of a street, not too pretty, not too ugly, one of those streets full of small buildings that have businesses on the ground floor. A street that could run into the plaza, with a big statute and trees and the church across the street. One of those streets that in spite of being located in the middle of the chaotic and fast city we live in, has people that walk through it, live and work there, they still say good morning every day and call you by your first and last name, where they also have time to have a cup of coffee with one another while having a nice chat, where things are sold on credit and they even lend each other the phone and watch each others children while you go out on an errand. Do you know a street like that one? Well, precisely there, in that street is where our story takes place. Right on the sidewalk, or across from the kiosk, or in the beauty parlor, the church, the bank, the mechanical shop, the small restaurant on the corner, the meat market, even in a small atelier of high fashion or a modest dental office oh, and in a flower shop. We make mention of this last place because Las Gonzalez are a group of women with that last name, but it is also a flower shop: Las Gonzalez Ltd., where of course they have lots of flowers and a group of women Gonzalez. We say women because in this flower shop, in this family, as in many families in this city, this country and especially our story, there are no men. Either they died, or left, or were kicked out or have not arrived yet. Let me tell you the story of who these Gonzalez are - very important characters of this story - and of course who their neighbors are, in other words, the rest of the characters of the story.

Gonzala is the oldest of the Gonzalez, yes, Gonzala Gonzalez, the widow of Mr. Gonzalez, who according to her was the last good man on earth. Gonzalez is a mother, an aunt, a grandmother, and even a great-grandmother of a bunch of other Gonzalez. Her daughters are Orquidea and Violeta Gonzalez, both divorced. Orquidea is the type of woman who doesnt believe in fairy tales, much less romantic ones, the type that if you come all happy and excited to tell her that you just met the man of your life, she will sayUh-huh give it six months and well talk then. Orquidea was not always like this; her personality turned sour the day she found out that her husband Cayetano Mora was with another woman, Lirio, who was pregnant with Cayetano Junior. Violeta, her sister, is completely the opposite. Even though one day she also kicked out her husband, Otto de Jesus Pino, with whom she is always fighting because he doesnt send her money for her two daughters, Margarita and Petunia, this hasnt taken away her smile, nor her eternal optimism, nor the desire of falling in love again. She doesnt want to remarry, no way, husbands are too much trouble, but she would love to get involve with a man, even if its just for a little while. Uh-huh, we already told you about Gonzala, Orquidea, Violeta, Margarita and Petunia. Now we have to tell you about two very important little flowers: Aleli and Rosita.

Aleli is the only daughter Cayetano and Orquidea had and more or less around the same time Orquidea was too busy hating Cayateno and throwing him out of the house and wishing a nice painful and long death, Aleli got pregnant from the young man she swore was her boyfriend and her greatest love. Afraid and in love she nervously went to notify the young man without imagining that he would come out with the classic "And how am I suppose to know the baby is mine?" Therefore Aleli is a single mother and today Rosita, her daughter, is seven years old.

Those are the Gonzala's daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters. But there are more Gonzalez. Theres also Camelia, Gladiola and Amapola, daughters of Ubaldo Gonzalez, widower, Gonzalas brother-in-law, brother of her late husband and owner of the only restaurant on that same street. Camelia, his oldest daughter, is the beautician on that same street. She is the girlfriend of Americo, the butcher, who in spite of being a good man and adores him and everybody considers him to be a great catch for her, she doesnt want to get married, for Camelia feels she carries a damnation of some sort. Anyway, Gladiola, is the middle sister and as she says, the only ugly woman in the Gonzalez family.

Paradoxically she is the only one married, maybe because looks dont bring luck, but anybody who knows Walter PiSa cannot consider that good luck. Amapola is the youngest. She is the same age as her cousin Aleli, in fact they grew up together and they could be the best of friends if it werent for the fact that behind their apparent solidarity she considers herself eternally better than Aleli in everything and is willing to prove it.

Okay, so these are the Gonzalez women, who on any given Sunday, after a tiring afternoon festival, they begin a conversation about how a wonderful and perfect man would have to be to be accepted in this nest of snakes that they know they are. Each one in their own style and perspective begins to tell what ideal men would be. Laughing at that, they go to sleep without knowing that the next day, a Monday like all the rest, a strange blizzard would make their wishes come true that Monday The Men will arrive.

In case you didn't quiet understood, Las Gonzalez is a story of love, of falling out of love, of encounters and evasions, of getting involved with the wrong person only to discover it was the right person after all, of common people that struggle for their pay checks every months, that live on a street where we might pass by every day and where if we stopped for a little while to talk you would find out the gossips that we are about to tell you in one hundred chapters.

We will use the same type of humor that was used with Guerra de Mujeres that went so well, with a little bit more tenderness because we think the country needs it. We again have the brilliance work of Mr. Roman Chalbaud and Mrs. Consuelo Delgado, with a fantastic cast.


Gaby Espino as Aleli Gonzalez

Jorge Reyes as Robinson Gamboa

Adrian Delgado as Antonio Da Silva

Alba Roversi as Orquidea Gonzalez

Victor Camara as Romulo Trigo

Fabiola Colmenares as Lirio

Carlos Mata as Cristobal Rojas

Gigi Zancheta as Violeta Gonzalez

Carlos Olivier as Cayetano Mora

Caridad Canelon as Hortensia

Aroldo Betancourt as Prospero

Beatriz Valdes as Magnolia

Yanis Chimaras as Americo

Nohely Arteaga as Camelia Gonzalez

Pedro Lander as Walter Pina

Denise Novell as Gladiola Gonzalez

Roberto Lamarca as Otto de Jesus

Lourdes Valera as Bromelia

Raul Amundaray as Ubaldo

Eva Moreno as Dona Gonzala

Jose Luis Zuleta as Ariel

Elaiza Gil as Jasmin

Maritza Bustamante as Amapola

Elizabeth Morales as Trinitaria Perez

Beba Rojas as Azalea

Maria Antonieta Duque as Gardenia

Beatriz Fuentes as Geranio

Maria Edilia Rangel as Begona

Samantha Suarez as Margarita

Kimberly Dos Ramos as Petunia

Michelle Nassef as Rosita

Adrian Duran as Cayetanito

Jorge Salas as Romulito

Mhinniutk Cohelo as Gladiolita

Jesus Aponte as Yefri

Theme song

The theme song to Las Gonzalez is "Capullito de Aleli", performed by Oscar D'Leon.

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