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La Revancha

La Revancha (1989) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venevision. This telenovela lasted 247 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevision International.


Fernando Maldonado, a powerful man involved in foul business, kills Leonidas Torrealba the owner of a neighboring farm in order to take over his property. Dolores, Mr. Torrealba's maid, is witness to the crime and runs away with Torrealbas two little girls, Mariana and Martha, but in her hectic getaway, Martha falls in a ravine and is left behind.

Twenty years later, Isamar Medina, Mariana's adopted name, one of Torrealba's lost daughters, has grown to become quite a beautiful young woman and a popular and friendly figure around the little town where her real father had his land savagely stolen from by Fernando Maldonado. For her own protection her adoptive parents have not revealed her true identity. Twenty years later, Isamar falls in love with Alejandro, a rich man who brings her much happiness. Her love for him is halted when she learns that he is Fernando Maldonados son.

Meanwhile, Martha has reappeared. She is a young, wealthy woman who wants to find her little sister after 20 years and get even with those who murdered her father. Martha and Isamar will become rivals for the love of the same man, Alejandro. In its climatic moments, the girls discover their sibling relationship and unite to avenge the death of their father. As love always comes out victorious, Isamar and Alejandro get together and overcome their tragic past to give way to a lasting future.

Cast 1989

Victor Cardenas as Guillermo Maldonado

Rosalinda Serfaty as Isamar Medina/Mariana Torrealba

Jean Carlo Simancas as Alejandro

Abril Mendez as Martha Aguirre/Martha Torrealba

Daniel Alvarado as Reinaldo

Chelo Rodriguez as Aurora

Rafael Briceno as Padrino Zacarias

Carmen Julia Alvarez as Elisenda

Orangel Delfin as Fernando

Francisco Ferrari as Jose Ramon

Yanis Chimaras as Jose Luis

Reinaldo Lancaster as Leonidas

Sandra Juhasz as Mercedes

Luis Gerardo Nunez as Julio Cesar

Rafael Romero as Anselmo

Miguel de Leon as Leonardo

Esperanza Magaz as Providencia

Simon Pestana as Argenis

Judith Vasquez as Sandra Castillo

Hans Christopher as Luigi

Daniela Alvarado as Gabriela

Virginia Vera as Brigida

Vangie Labalan as Nania

There was a remake in 2000, made in Miami

Danna Garcia as Soledad Santader/Mariana Ruiz

Theme song

The theme song to La Revancha is "Tesoro Mio", performed by Guillermo Davila and Kiara and was written by Rudy La Scala.

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