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La Llaman Mariamor

La Llaman Mariamor (They Call Her Mariamor) is a Venezuelan telenovela shown in 1996, starring with Roxana Diaz, Pedro Lander, Julie Restifo, and Saul Marin. This telenovela contains 181 episodes.


La Llaman Mariamor (They Call Her Mariamor) is the story of Beba Marturano, a charming young woman and recent graduate with a degree in architecture. Beba has always lived in a comfortable life, her only suffering has been the lost of her father, Tomas Marturano. She first lost him when he divorced her mother, and again when he died in a suspicious accident far away from her. Beba grew up tormented by the hate her mother, Emerita, had instilled in her toward Mara Marturano and Brando Leon. She was led to believe that Mara and Brando were responsible for her father's dead. When destiny and Mara unite, Beba suffers an accident and lose her memory. During her bout amnesia, she falls in love with the man she hates most- Brando Leon. By the time she recovers, she has fallen completely in love with Brando. Their love is a seemingly impossible love because she is already married to Urbano Duran, a humble laborer who is consumed by a fervent jealously; Urbano suffers from a severe inferiority complex because he erroneously believes that his humble background and lack of education make him a lesser man in the eyes of Beba. As a result, he doubts his wife's love and sincerity. Eventually, Beba learns that Brando, deceived by Mara, was not her father's murder. She also discovers that Urbano, who has since graduated with a degree in engineering, has manipulated by Mara into believing a pack of lies which has led to his jealously. In the end, Beba is forced to choose between the two men who have played the most important role in her life: Brando Leon or Urbano Duran...


Roxana Diaz as Beba Marturano

Pedro Lander as Brando Leon

Julie Restifo as Mara Marturano

Saul Marin as Urbano Duran

Loly Sanchez as Emerita Aristigueta

Lourdes Valera as Francesca Aristigueta

Miguel Ferrari as Yago Monteverde

Carlos Marquez

Yul Burkle as Willy

Deyalit Lopez as Azucena

Nacarid Escalona

Winston Vallenilla as Jhonny

Alfonso Medina

Jennifer Milano

Ana Karina Casanova

Juan Carlos Gardie

Nacho Huett

Elaiza Gil

Rhandy Pinango

Eric Noriega

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