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La Inolvidable

La Inolvidable (1996) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Television. It was written by Carlos Gonzalez Vega, Manuel Mendoza, Sonia Nobre de Melo, Humberto 'Kiko' Olivieri, and Marco Tulio Socorro and directed by Tony Rodrigues and Rafael Suarez. This telenovela lasted 120 episodes and was distributed internationally by RCTV International.


One night in 1935, a European travelling show arrives in a small town. A remarkable young man is the main attraction: he is Simon Leal, an escape artist whose death-defying feats astound even the staunchest skeptic. But Simon is no stranger to this town... he was born there, in a dark wooded area 25 years earlier, amid the agonizing screams of a mother he never knew and the deafening silence of a father who had left him an orphan before he had taken his first breath. Simon's parents were murdered on a November night in 1910..., and since birth, he learned to fight for his life with a vengeance. As he prepares for his first act, Simon does not realize that the course of event will change his life forever. Gradually, he will uncover the identity of his parents murderer... documented in a film that was taken almost by accident, but that for years was hidden away by the malicious and greedy people who would do anything to keep it from being made public. Simon will take the information on the film to produce a movie of his own: a movie which will expose a prominent Colonel in the government as the assassin. Ironically, the films' director and lead actress will be Colonel's own children. But destiny has a surprise in store for Simon during his stay in that town, he will find that love is much stronger that his desire for revenge. Simon Leal will fall hopelessly in love with Maria Teresa Montero, the star of his movie, and the favorite daughter of his arch enemy, Colonel Maximiliano Montero. Maria Teresa is the beautiful daughter of the wealthy and politically powerful Montero family. To Simon her kind nature and unrivaled beauty become unforgettable. But Maria Teresas's tyrannical father will resort to deceit and even murder in an attempt to separate her from Simon. Ultimately, Maria Teresa will be forced to marry a man that she doesn't love, and carry with her the burden of believing that the love of her life is lost to her forever. Maria Teresa and Simon's love story, wrought with turmoil, will unleash a chain of conspiracy violence, and envy that will shake the foundations of their families and the society that they live in. But it is a passion so strong that it will fight for its own life... and Simon and Maria Teresa will come to learn that all other struggles pale in comparison. There is no escape from the bond of love.


Rafael Romero as Simon Leal

Christianne Gout as Maria Teresa Montero

Juan Carlos Alarcon as Juan Vicente Montero

Alberto Alifa as Astolfo Aristizabal

Daniela Alvarado as Virginia Calcano

Dad Dager as Azucena

Pedro Duran as Macabeo Carratu

Guillermo Ferran as Jean Paul

Fernando Flores as Gumersindo

Juan Frankis as Celso

Freddy Galavis as Poggiolli

Maria Luisa Lamata as Natividad

Indira Leal as Sagrario Montero

Felix Loreto as Francisco Calcano

Esperanza Magaz as La Abadesa

Herminia Martinez as Mercedes Montero

Julio Mujica as Arjimiro Briceno

Flor Nunez as Jacinta Leal

Martha Pabon as Micaela

Amalia Perez Diaz as Leonor Calcano

Freddy Salazar as Dr. Montilla

Tania Sarabia as Memela

Eduardo Serrano as Maximiliano Montero

Theme song

The theme songs to La Inolvidable is "Amores de Provincia", performed by Felix Valentino.

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