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La Duena

La Duena (19841985) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Venezolana de Television. The original idea for this telenovela was by Jose Ignacio Cabrujas and Julio Cesar Marmol. Nardy Fernandez was in charge of production, Jose Salas was in charge of the scenery, Maria de las Casas was in charge of the environmentation, and Tomas Lopez was its director.


It's 1928. Esteban Rigores, an opponent of the brutal regime of Gen. Juan Vicente Gomez, lies wounded on a beach after taking part in a failed coup d'etat. Fearing death is near, Esteban begs Basilio, his faithful and mute servant to search for Adriana, his daughter, and hand her the documents that will make her the heir to his large fortune. Neither Esteban nor Basilio have ever seen Adriana and they do not know what she looks like. Diligent Basilio starts by asking the girl's mother, the former Beatriz Ayala, now married to Salvador Asensio, one of Gomez's ministers. Beatriz is horrified to see Basilio, and tells him her daughter died in childhood, or at least that was what her parents had told her. Unconvinced, Basilio goes to see Don Alejandro, Esteban's friend. On arrival at his house, Basilio is greeted by a young woman named Adriana. Her looks, age, and name tell him she is Esteban's daughter so he gives her the documents. The problem is that Adriana does not know her origins. She has been told she's an orphan whom Alejandro adopted out of charity. Although Alejandro and Encarnacion, his wife, have always been kind to Adriana, she is nothing but a glorified servant. Alejandro's children have mixed feelings about her. The haughty Maria Consuelo looks down on her, idealistic Luis Alberto loves her secretly, and young Maria Eugenia who's always seen Adriana as a sister, now resents her when she realises her fiance is attracted to the girl's beauty. Ma. Eugenia's fiance, the arrogant Captain Mauricio Lofiego, is a man used to getting whatever he wants. It's a trait he has inherited from Purificacion Burgos, his formidable mother. Purificacion is not only one of the richest women in Venezuela, but she's also got General Gomez's ear. Few people are privy that Burgos's fortune comes from prostitution. Adriana gives Alejandro the documents that she's unable to read since they are drafted in French and English. Alejandro reads them and learns that Adriana is now the owner of a huge fortune. That same evening, Mauricio breaks off his engagement with Maria Eugenia and makes love to Adriana. Alejandro sees him leaving the girl's room and vows revenge. Several attempts are made to separate Adriana from Mauricio their love grows stronger, though, especially when she learns she is pregnant. Meanwhile a recovered Esteban and Beatriz have joined efforts to investigate the whereabouts of their child. Mauricio and Adriana decide to run off to Curacao, but then she vanishes mysteriously. Under orders from Alejandro and Purificacion, Adriana has been taken to Dr. Azote's asylum, the most dreaded place in Venezuela. Azote is a quack who runs a mental hospital where those unwanted by Venezuelan high society are kept. Adriana is subjected to horrible tortures that cause her to lose her baby as well as her mind. Esteban escapes to Europe, and Mauricio is told that Adriana had only seduced him following her father's orders to lure him to their cause. Then he marries Maria Eugenia. Several years having gone by, Adriana is a wreck, her beauty and mind have been destroyed, yet she has two supporters among her fellow inmates: kind Helena, and Saul, a political prisoner. When Gomez dies, Saul's friends help him escape from the asylum and he takes Adriana and Helena with him. After a long convalescence, Adriana recovers her sanity, although her face has been destroyed. She seeks Basilio and, with the latter's help, travels to Paris to meet her father. Esteban will utilise his fortune to restore his daughter's beauty and educate her. In 1941, a beautiful and enigmatic stranger arrives in Venezuela. Her name is Ximena, but she is called "La Duena" as she owns an immense fortune that she is about to use to destroy her enemies...


Mariela Alcala as Maria Eugenia

Daniel Alvarado as Capt. Mauricio Lofriego

Eduardo Gadea Perez as Manuel Antonio Lofiego

Omar Omana as Abelardo Lofiego

Rafael Briceno as Gen. Juan Vicente Gomez

Agustina Martin as Mercedes Antonini

Freddy Salazar as Alejandro Tellez

Lucio Bueno as Radames

Fina Rojas as Elvira

Flor Elena Gonzalez as Eloiza Lofiego

William Moreno as Ildemaro

Ramon Hinojosa as Cirilo

Carlos Acosta as Javier Perentena

Ana Castell as Maria Benita

Ana as Leticia Calderon

Helianta Cruz as Beatriz Ayala

Amanda Gutierrez as Adriana Rigores/Jimena

Mario Brito as Basilio

Maria Cristina Lozada as Purificacion Burgos

Hector Mayerston as Esteban Rigores

Leopoldo Regnault as Saul

Carlota Sosa as Maria Consuelo

Teresa Selma

Olga Henriquez as Encarnacion

Theme song

The theme song to La Duena is "Amor mas Grande", performed by Nancy Toro.

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