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Juana la virgen

Juana la Virgen is Venezuelan telenovela written by Perla Farias (writer) and Irene Calcano (scripts) Cristina Policastro (scripts) Basilio Alvarez (scripts), German Aponte (scripts) and Julio Cesar Marmol Jr. (scripts) and directed by Perla Farias and Tony Rodrigues. It is distributed by RCTV International all over the world.

The theme song, "Solo a Tu Lado Quiero Vivir", is sung by Jyve V.


17-year old Juana Perez (played by Daniela Alvarado) gets pregnant by artificial insemination due to hospital error. The father of the baby is found to be Mauricio de la Vega (played by Ricardo Alamo). When Mauricio finds out that he's going to have a baby, he starts to fall in love with Juana despite the fact that he is still married to Carlota Vivas (played by Roxana Diaz). Carlota tries everything possible to keep Mauricio and Juana separated.

Francisco Rojas (played by Saul Marin) disappears during Positivo magazine's party. Rogelio Vivas tries to make people think Mauricio has something to do with the disappearing. Mauricio and Juana escape to the mountains but Rogelio and Carlota start looking for them and finally find Mauricio and Juana with a new-born child.


Daniela Alvarado as Juana Perez

Ricardo Alamo as Mauricio de la Vega

Roxana Diaz as Carlota Vivas de la Vega

Juan Carlos Alarcon as Manuel "Manolito" Ramon Perez

Jonathan Montenegro as David

Maria Alejandra Martin as Ana Maria Perez

Eliana Lopez as Enriqueta

Leonardo Marrero as Alfredo Vivas

Miguel Ferrari as Armando

Manuel Salazar as Salvador

Flor Elena Gonzalez as Amparo de Vivas

Freddy Galavis as Pablo "Popeye"

Aura Rivas as Azucena de Perez

Saul Marin as Francisco Rojas

Luis Gerardo Nunez as Alfonso

Norkys Batista as Desiree de Rojas

Eduardo Serrano as Rogelio Vivas

In other languages

Finnish: Ihmeiden aika (Time of Miracles)

Portuguese (Brazil): Joana, A Virgem

Czech: Juanin zazrak

Slovak: Juanin zazrak

Russian: DEVSTVENNITSA (Virgin)

Hindi: Ek Ladki Anjaani Si

Polish: Majka

Indonesian: Keajaiban Juana

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