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Heliamphora tatei

Heliamphora tatei (after George Tate) is a species of Marsh Pitcher Plant endemic to Duida Tepui, Cerro Huachamacari and Marahuaca Tepui in Venezuela. It is closely related to H. neblinae and the latter was at one point considered a variety of H. tatei.McPherson, S. 2007. Pitcher Plants of the Americas. The McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company, Blacksburg, Virginia.

Infraspecific taxa

Heliamphora tatei var. macdonaldae (Gleason) Maguire (1978) [=H. macdonaldae]

Heliamphora tatei f. macdonaldae (Gleason) Steyerm. (1984) [=H. macdonaldae]

Heliamphora tatei f. tyleri (Gleason) Baumgartl (1993)


Gleason, H.A. 1931. Botanical results of the Tyler-Duida Expedition. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 58(6): 367368.

Renner, S.S. 1989. Floral Biological Observations on Heliamphora tatei Sarraceniaceae and Other Plants from Cerro de la Neblina in Venezuela. Plant Systematics and Evolution 163(12): 2130.

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