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Heliamphora minor

Heliamphora minor is a species of Marsh Pitcher Plant endemic to the Auyan and Chimanta group of tepuis in Venezuela. As the name suggests, it is the smallest species in the genus. It is closely related to H. pulchella.


Heliamphora minor is one of the more widely available species in the genus for cultivation. Typically, H. minor is grown under strong fluorescent lights in a terrarium, or in a greenhouse with partial sunlight. Like other carnivorous plants, H. minor requires water free from added minerals and chemicals. It can survive a wide range of temperatures, preferably around 70-90 degrees, however during the night the temperature must drop to around 10 degrees less than the day temperature.

Although it is carnivorous, H. minor does not need to be fed to live or thrive.

Soil for H. minor must be low in nutrients. Combinations of washed sand, orchid bark, long fibered spaghnum moss (dried or living), peat moss, and perlite may be used.

Heliamphora plants also require a high humidity level, which can be achieved in a greenhouse or terrarium.

Infraspecific taxa

Heliamphora minor f. laevis Steyerm. (1984)


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