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Hay Amores Que Matan

Hay Amores Que Matan (2000) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Television. Carlos Perez came up with the original idea for this telenovela. Jose Simon Escalona was the director of production, Victor Fernandez was the executive producer, Marco Godoy was the general producer, Mateo Manaure was the director of exterior scenes, and Renato Gutierrez was the general director. This telenovela lasted 120 episodes and was distributed internationally by RCTV International.


In 1975, three young reporters and a priest are investigating criminal acts tied to Gumersindo Montenegro a rising politician with a bright future. His acts of revenge will forever change their lives and his. Twenty-five years later, two children born from this tragedy Gumersindos son Cesar Augusto, and Amanda, raised by Father Tejedor are shocked by a second murder of vengeance. Haunted by a past that ties them together and yet also tears them apart, their story touches many others, linked by passion, revenge, intrigue, and fate. There is Monica Montenegro, whose loveless marriage leads to a dangerous search for the truth. Aleluya Sotomayor, a former prostitute who escapes her past only to confront the painful destiny of her daughter. Maria Solita, a naive but talented youth cruelly torn from her one true love. And Emma de Castro Leon, the glamorous wealthy widow whose nightmares of sexual slavery somehow envelop her. Amanda is the story of five women and how the power of love the one constant in all their lives changes everything they think they know, challenges everything they believe to be right. It is the story of how love, in the end, truly conquers all.


Carolina Tejera as Amanda Santacruz

Luis Fernandez as Cesar Augusto Montenegro

Carlos Camara as Saturno Guzman

Gledys Ibarra as Aleluya Sotomayor

Franklin Virguez as Fredimatico Gonzalez

Julie Restifo as Emma de Castro Leon

Carlos Olivier as Gumersindo Montenegro

Jennifer Rodriguez as Lucia Castro Leon

Alba Roversi as Ifigenia Barreto

Roberto Moll as Pancho Tejedor

Alicia Plaza as Monica de Montenegro

Juan Carlos Alarcon as Machoflaco

Ambar Diaz as Maria Solita

Alfonso Medina as Jose Humbertico Alcantara

Flor Elena Gonzalez as Elpidia

Marcos Moreno as El Indio

Juan Carlos Gardie as Charles Luis Viscaya Segundo

Reina Hinojosa as Carmen Felicia Lozado

Hans Cristopher as Alfredo Azcarate

Leonardo Marrero as Argimiro

Margarita Hernandez as Eva Santacruz

Mirela Mendoza as Daniela

Rebeca Aleman as Blanquita

Martin Brassesco as Jean Franco

Theme song

The theme songs to Hay Amores Que Matan is "Traigo una Pena" and "Te Veo Venir, Soledad" from Franco de Vita's album, "Nada Es Igual".

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