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FM Center

FM Center is a radio network in Venezuela based on Caracas. It was founded by Rodolfo Rodriguez Garcia and is the largest radio network of that country, owning 64 FM and AM radio stations nation-wide and one internet-based. It is divided into three sub-networks: AM Center, Circuito La Romantica and Circuito Fiesta.

FM Center also delivers other radio services as news (FM Center es Noticia) and the popular traffic report with Alejandro Canizales aboard a red Bell Ranger helicopter, Traffic Center.


In January 1997, with Martha Rodriguez Miranda as General Director and Enzo Cassella as vicepresident of programming and production, FM Center starts broadcasting their signal in Venezuela. For that time, the network owned only 5 radio stations: 88.9 (later to become "La Romantica"), HOT 94.1, Estrella 96.3, Fiesta 106.5 and 93.9 (Ciudad Bolivar). Only the latter was not located in the capital Caracas.

Already in 1998, FM Center swept with venezuelan awards Premios Mara de Oro for their performance in the industry. This favored the expansion of the network towards the rest of the country. With the turn of the century, AM Center was created and the radio station 91.9 from Caracas was added in their stations portfolio as Life 91.9.

In 2000, the headquarters and major radio stations move to Centro Comercial Concresa in the southeast of the venezuelan capital. The concept of the transformation was the construction of interactive studios where the audience could not only hear their programs, but also see them as they were recorded. In September, FM Center launches the first and only traffic service to drivers in the Capital District: Traffic Center. With Alejandro Canizales aboard a red Bell Ranger helicopter, Traffic Center delivers instant and effective status of local transit. The show also informs drivers with alternative routes to avoid traffic and preventive campaigns about the many problems that affect Caracas transit system.

In 2007, FM Center launched an oversize trailer which wonders the roads of Venezuela called Showcenter Rodando. It was designed to produce live in site-transmissions and live concerts from its stage located in the rooftop of the vehicle.

In January 2008 Estrella 96.3, an emblematic and key station to the network ceased transmissions as the new state-owned ALBA Ciudad started broadcasting. The frequency was lost to FM Center when the Venezuelan government refused to renew the concession to the network. As a response, the first internet-based radio station was incorporated to the group under the name Estrella On-Line as a clear reference to Estrella 96.3, maintaining similar formats and shows. Nowadays, FM Center's radio stations are interconnected via Directv satellite.



FM Center is divided into three sub-networks: AM Center, Circuito La Romantica and Circuito Fiesta. They are broadcast nation-wide in Venezuela. Only 3 radio stations are not categorized in the sub-networks in order to keep their segment-oriented quality. Usually there is one radio station of every sub-network per state where the company is present. This division of networks allows for convenient sell of air time to clients according to audience targets. The radio networks are explained in further detail in the following table:

Radio Stations

FM Center owns or at least is an important partner in 64 radio stations in Venezuela and one internet-based. They are distributed in 21 of the 23 venezuelan states and in the capital district of Caracas. Some radio stations located in Tachira state can be heard across the border from Colombia.

Traffic Center

Since the first broadcast in September 2000, Traffic Center delivers instant and effective status of transit in the Capital District of Caracas. It also informs drivers with alternative routes to avoid traffic and preventive campaigns about the many problems that affect Caracas transit system. The reports can be listened in 8 radio stations in and near Caracas: La Romantica 88.9 FM, 91.9 FM Center, Hot 94.1 FM, Fiesta 106.5 FM, El Hatillo 96.9 FM, Sol Stereo 88.5 FM, La Romantica 90.3 FM (Vargas), and Radio Recuerdos 1300 AM. The show is aired on weekdays and has two formats:

"Traffic Center Volando" (Traffic Center Flying): broadcast by Alejandro Canizales aboard a red Bell Ranger Helicopter. Aired 3 times a day from 7:00 to 8:30 am, 12:20 to 1:30 pm, and 4:30 to 6:00 pm.

"Traffic Center Rodando" (Traffic Center Driving): broadcast by Jonathan Quantip aboard a Honda motorcycle. Aired 5 times at 9:40 am, 10:40 am, 2:40 pm, 4:20 pm, and 7:20 pm.

The show also airs in special occasions when needed:

Carnival and Holy Week transit programs.

Main highways and roads to the west and east of Caracas on weekends.

Emergencies in areas near or in the Venezuelan capital.

Other Products and Services

FM Center offers a wide variety of products and services to artists and general audiences. Among them are the recording studios located in its headquarters were several advertisements and songs have been recorded by numerous artists.

"FM Center es Noticia" (FM Center is News) and "AM Center es Noticia" are the names of the news services operated by FM Center. They are broadcast simultaneously in several of its radio stations. The average 2-minute reports deals with breaking national and international news, compiling headlines from many other news services. They have been awarded several times for their handling of news and objectivity of their reports.

Since its introduction 2007, "Showcenter Rodando" has become a pioneer in mobile media deployment in Venezuela. The unit consists of an oversized truck with broadcasting capabilities through its recording studio, and live performances on its roof/stage, complete with light and audio equipments. The vehicle drives to many cities in Venezuela, giving concerts and recording radio shows. It has also been used for special events such as the transmission of CONMEBOL's Copa America 2007.

FM Center also broadcasts several venezuelan and international sporting events such as: Liga Venezolana de Beisbol Profesional (LVBP) League, Caribbean Series Championship, FIFA's World Cup Finals, CONMEBOL's Copa America and the best of the Olympic Games.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility in FM Center is enabled through the foundation "Fundacion FM Center". Over the past years it has not only donated to communities in the traditional ways, but it has taken up the role of constructing the next generations for the radio industry in Venezuela. Through the program "Vive la Radio" (Live the Radio), "Fundacion FM Center" seeks to give education to future operators, radio hosts, producers and sales executives, involved in the radio business.

As a response to moral decay in the venezuelan society, FM Center relaunched the messages corresponding to the concept "Buen Ciudadano" (Good Citizen). They are directed into inducing proper and gregarious conducts to citizens by explaining the consequences of their actions and the effect in society. The voice is given by Martha Rodriguez Miranda, who became very famous in Venezuela for a televised version of it during the 80's and 90's, to the point she is sometimes known as "La Buena Ciudadana" (The Good Citizen).

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