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Estefania (1979) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Television. Humberto (Kiko) Olivieri and Julio Cesar Marmol came up with the idea for this telenovela. Jose Ignacio Cabrujas and Julio Cesar Marmol were its writers and Cesar Bolivar and Julio Cesar Marmol were its directors. This telenovela lasted 208 episodes and was distributed internationally by Coral International.


This story of love, persecution and intrigue in the underground struggle against a dictatorship. Set against a background of torture, jail and conspiracy which provide a sense of constant suspense and fast-paced action. "Estefania" is the most famous actress in the world although her brother is richer. Eventually, as the government topples from power, all parties involved, the good and the bad, receive their just rewards.


Pierina Espana as Estefania Gallardo

Jose Luis Rodriguez as Luis Alberto Seijas "El Guacharo"

Gustavo Rodriguez as Pedro Escobar

Tomas Henriquez as Manuel Fulvio Lanz

Grecia Colmenares as Ana Maria Escobar

Arturo Calderon as Jose Francisco Gallardo

Mahuampi Acosta as Mama Rosa

Agustina Martin as Petra Seijas

Rafael Briceno as Jesus Maria Seijas

Amalia Perez Diaz as Rosalia

Henry Zakka as Gabo Seijas

Luis Rivas as Perez Jimenez

Maria Conchita Alonso as Silvana Cataldo

Alan Garcia Perez as "el mudito"

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