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El Trabuco Venezolano Vol. I

El Trabuco Venezolano - Vol. 1 is a Vinyl LP by Venezuelan musician Alberto Naranjo, originally released in 1977 and partially reedited in two separate CD albums titled El Trabuco Venezolano 1977 - 1984 Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 released in 1995. It is the first of seven albums (two live albums) of the El Trabuco Venezolano musical project arranged and directed by Naranjo.

Track listing

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Alberto Naranjo - drums, arranger, director on all tracks;
timbales on 4 through 8, Dominican tambora on 4

Eduardo Cabrera - piano on 1, 2, 4

Lucio Caminiti - piano on 3, 7

Jose Ortiz - piano on 5, 6, 8

Jose Velasquez - bass guitar on all tracks

Frank Hernandez - timbales on 1, 2

Carlos Quintero - congas on all tracks

Jesus Quintero - bongos on all tracks

Felipe Rengifo - percussion on 8

Luis Arias - trumpet (lead) on all tracks

Pablo Armitano - trumpet on all tracks except on 3 and 7

Jose Diaz F. - flugel horn on 3, trumpet on 4

Rafael Velazquez - trumpet on all tracks except on 3

Luis Lewis Vargas - flugel horn on all tracks

Jose Araujo - flugel horn on 3

Rafael Silva - trombone (lead) on all tracks

Rodrigo Barboza - trombone on all tracks

Leopoldo Escalante - trombone on all tracks except on 3

Carlos Espinoza - trombone on 3

Carlos Daniel Palacios - lead singer on 1, 3 and chorus

Joe Ruiz - lead singer on 3, 5, 7 and chorus

Carlin Rodriguez - lead singer on 2, 4 and chorus

Ricardo Quintero - lead singer on 8 and chorus

Technical personnel

Artistic director: Domingo Alvarez

Associate producer: Cesar Miguel Rondon

Executive producer: Orlando Montiel

Musical director: Alberto Naranjo

Design: Victor Viano

Photos: Fernando Sanchez

Label: BASF Venezuela in association with YVLP con MusiC.A.
BSF-LP Stereo 50.681 / YVLP-Stereo 10.084

Print: Editorial El Arte

Place of Recording: Estudios Sono Dos Mil

Recording engineer: Ricardo Landaeta

Mastering: Antonio Gonzalez - Grabaciones Antor S. A.

Produded in Caracas, Venezuela - 1977

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