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El Pais de las Mujeres

El Pais de las mujeres (1998) (meaning "The Country of Women") was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venevision. It was written by Leonardo Padron and directed by Carlos Izquierdo. This telenovela lasted 188 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevision International.


On the day that Arcadia Gomez summons her five nieces to inform them that she will soon be dead, she receives a surprise of devastating proportions: all of them, without exception, have come down with a virus called "impossible love". Mariana, Miranda, Pamela, Julia and Chiqui - modern, enterprising, independent, young women-have all their hearts shattered to pieces by men.

Realizing the degree of destruction caused by the opposite sex, Arcadia decides to take drastic measures. Along with her nieces, she enters the battlefront declaring open war on all the shameless, cunning and unfaithful men who have made them suffer. Now, living under one roof and with one purpose in mind, these six beautiful women, will become a unique army that will use the mightiest weapon nature has given them: the power of their feminine charms. It is an army of women ready for anything... and the war has just begun.


Victor Camara as Camilo Reyes

Ana Karina Manco as Mariana Campos Gomez

Jean Carlos Simancas as Fabian Aristimuno

Caridad Canelon as Arcadia Gomez de Pena

Viviana Gibelli as Pamela Fuentes Gomez

Carolina Perpetuo as Miranda Fuentes Gomez

Orlando Urdaneta as Jacobo Reyes

Nohely Arteaga as Julia Gallardo Gomez

Gustavo Rodriguez as Lucas Falcon

Elba Escobar as Catalina de Falcon

Aroldo Betancourt as Rodolfo Matamoros

Lourdes Valera as Chiqui Gallardo Gomez

Miguel Angel Landa as Arsenio Pena

Vicente Tepedino as Diego

Pedro Lander as Manrique

Gabriela Vergara as Almendra Sanchez

Elisa Escamez as Cien Fuegos

Roberto Lamarca as Tino Urutia

Yanis Chimaras as Productor

Luis Abreu as Salvador Falcon

Pedro Duran as Prospero Sanchez

Ana Castell as Sagrario de Sanchez

Tania Sarabia as Josefina Beltran de Negretti

Raul Amundaray as Cuenca

Maria Fabiola Colmenares as Sandra

Tatiana Capote as herself

Mauricio Gonzalez as Mariana's father

Amanda Gutierrez as Natalia

Rafael Romero as Javier

Alberto Alifa as Daniel

Gigi Zancheta as Greta

Mimi Lazo as herself

Theme song

The theme songs to El Pais de las Mujeres is "Ruleta Rusa" and "Esperanza", both performed by Enrique Iglesias.

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