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De Oro Puro

De Oro Puro (1993-1994) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Television. Julio Cesar Marmol came up with the idea for De Oro Puro. Jose Antonio Mendez was the general producer, Jhonny Pulido was the executive producer, and Rafael Suarez was the director. De Oro Puro lasted 113 episodes and was distributed internationally by RCTV International.

De Oro Puro is better known for having been a notorious flop in the history of Venezuelan television, which was worsened by being broadcast in the same time slot that was previously occupied by the very popular and long lasting Por Estas Calles. Despite the production values and the big names behind the series, the public became confused by the complicated plot and storyline, and the ratings were poor. It has been postulated that De Oro Puro contributed to the downfall of RCTV in late 1990s.

RCTV publicised De Oro Puro, in an effort to attract viewers, but these efforts failed. When the plot become more confusing and the ratings further lowered, the channel aired a series of shorts where famous first actress Amalia Perez Diaz resumed and explained the plot in a didactic way. This effort backfired when people began to perceive De Oro Puro as being difficult to understand to the extent that it had to be explained, and Ms. Perez Dias' apparitions became the subject of mockery.


Hylene Rodriguez as Mariana Brekenheimer

Mauricio Renteria as Marum Soulez Gruber

Jose Daniel Bort as Milton Soulez Gruber

Dad Dager as Rovenna

Dora Mazzone as Virginia Cusiel

Alexander Milic as Ianco Klopenberger

Flor Nunez as Auriselvia Luzardo

Jorge Palacios as Erasmo Soulez Delfin

Francis Romero as Cecilia Azocar

Vicente Tepedino as Alcides Alfieri

Mariam Valero as Winnifer Lozano

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